Monday, 27 August 2018

Mallen NEW SINGLE ''Polarity' Out 14th September 2018 From Their Forthcoming Album "Polarity" Out 29th September 2018

Mallen are a British modern rock band hailing from the "birth of metal” in the West Midlands (Dudley/Wolverhampton and Tipton to cover all bases!) and were originally formed in 2004.

The band consists of members Kelly Jane, Dann Pritchard, Rhys Broomhall and Joe Horton.

The band's first recognisable contribution to the world of music was their EP “This Dream” written, recorded and produced with songwriting-virtuoso David Radahd - Jones (ex Heaven Basement aka Johnny Rocker).

After playing a success of high profile shows including acoustic sets on Motley Crue’s farewell tour, 30 Seconds to Mars tour and full live shows with James Toseland and Funeral for a Friend, Mallen hit the RCR studio once again in 2018 to record their debut album “Polarity”.

Polarity is a testament to Mallen's new energy and sound following their hard rock and pop punk roots, pulling influences from Alter Bridge, Don Broco, Tonight Alive and Bring Me The Horizon.

Hard hitting riffs, melodic chorus and energy driven empowering songs is the basis for the band’s momentum and connection to it's listeners.

For listeners looking for music to feel empowered and guided as well as being able to head bang and enjoy, Mallen are the perfect composition to the musical senses.

“Polarity is testament a to the new direction and energy that Mallen are absorbing right now” - says guitarist Dann Pritchard.

After the success of their EP titled “This Dream”, Mallen hit the Red City Recordings studio to undergo work on their debut album “Polarity”. Working again with David Radahd-Jones(the song writing virtuso behind Heavens Basement) Mallen underwent the creation of something new.

“We wanted to push ourselves in our song writing abilities, push our ability to connect with our listeners and create something that could speak to the world”

With this new drive and energy the opening track and title of the album “Polarity” was born. The high energy intro led by an octave driven lead riff influenced by the likes of Don Broco, Tonight Alive and tonalities of Alter Bridge set the tone for a high energy opening track, thus making Polarity the top contender for the first single release.

Being written totally from scratch within the studio ambience, Mallen's intentions were to capture the exact feeling and energy of where they had grown to post both EP releases, capturing not only the energy and new drive they had but how they wanted to empower their listeners through this energy.

Taking a new turn in sound and greater influence from their hard rock and pop punk roots Polarity offers huge straight melodic choruses and driving rhythms from the off.

In many ways Mallen felt their direction had changed taking a new direction within their music and taking on a new Polarity.

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