Friday, 3 August 2018

KRSTN NEW SINGLE 'Second Chance' Out Now

KRSTN is a pop and RnB musician from Melbourne, Australia. She is heavily influenced by classical piano, which she has been playing since a young age, but has always considered piano and singing to be equal. She started writing songs at age 14 and more recently has moved into the RnB genre, incorporating raps into her song-writing. Second Chance is KRSTN’s latest single.

Second Chance has the influence of early ‘00s RnB with its fun beat and repetitive fast melodies (especially in the verses), but when it comes to the chorus there is something strikingly emotional about it, which gives another layer to the story the song is trying to convey. The rap elevates the meaning even further, taking the song to a deeper and perhaps more honest level. The contrasting sections of this song mirror the conflicting thoughts of the artist and the weighing up of pros and cons.

“Second Chance is a song I wrote about conflicting thoughts – despite knowing someone has done you wrong and the reasons for that are clear, you’re still willing to work it out and give them a second chance. I think everyone has felt this about someone at some point, whether romantically or otherwise.” - KRSTN

Second Chance was written by KRSTN, recorded at Spectrum Sound in Melbourne, Australia and produced by Jeremy Drakeford.

KRSTN’s musical journey began at the age of 6, when she took up the piano for the first time. She is now classically trained and holds a Bachelor of Music in classical piano performance. She discovered at the age of 14 that singing and accompanying herself on piano was an incredible emotional outlet, and this was something she wanted to share with the world and do for a very long time. More recently she has moved into the RnB realm, incorporating raps into her lyrics, but still with the same classical influence and pop melodies.

Every song that she writes has meaning and always ties back to a personal experience, and KRSTN aims for this to connect with people and to let them know they aren’t alone, and that there are others (including herself) experiencing the same emotions as they are. In the future, KRSTN hopes to record and release a concept album to do just that.

For Fans Of: Alicia Keys | Anne-Marie | Dua Lipa | Justin Timberlake | James Arthur

‘Second Chance’ will be in Digital Stores on the 3rd of August.