Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Kate & Rana Face Uncertain Times On Coronation Street Next Week

Kate and Rana's relationship has gone from strength to strength over recent months (yay!), but all that is sadly about to change (boo!).

Fora brief reminder in a last ditch attempt to see her dying father before he passed away, Rana was forced to do the unthinkable and lie to her mother that she and Kate had split up. Though last night's Corrie saw Rana want to come clean to her mother, she was ultimately unable to and instead shocked Kate with the news she was moving in with Imran.

Next week's episodes see Leanne begin work at Barlow Legal Services and Adam quick to pick up on her and Imran's flirting. When Saira tries to persuade Imran to join her on a six-week cruise, he asks Kate to suggest it to Rana instead claiming they could build bridges. Kate flatly refuses though, pointing out Imran's just trying to wriggle out of going himself (Honestly can you blame a guy, cruises are the worst)

Picture: ITV

Alya though gives Rana food for thought, urging her to make the most of any chance to get along with her mum, and Imran can barely conceal his delight when Rana reveals she will indeed accompany Saira on the cruise.

Wednesday sees Rana being pulled left right and centre as Saira is delighted when Rana offers to go on the cruise. However when Saira admits Hassan had cut Rana out of his will and asks Imran to split his inheritance now that Rana's seen sense, she's unable to keep up her pretence and admits she still loves Kate and they never split up. It's very much a question of how Saira reacts to that, whilst Kate gives Rana an ultimatum that leaves her gutted; if she goes on the cruise she won't wait for her.

Picture: ITV

It's then a question of whether Kate can convince Rana to stay as a tearful Rana seeks Imran's advice, because that always works out so well. On Friday, Daniel suggests that Kate's ultimatum is unfair and she's left torn. Will she and Rana be able to make up before Rana leaves?

You'll of course have to tune into Coronation Street next week to have all of your questions answered.