Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Making Amends"

Beginning an episode with dreamboat Kate fully in motion? Not a bad start to be honest! In tonight's second Coronation Street visit of the week Imran was getting prepared for Hassan's birthday, only to discover his ex-wife would also be in attendance. With Rana obviously down about her non attendance, Kate sprang to action by revealing she'd booked the day off so they could do something together, because Kate Connor really isn't the type of person who is just gonna let the person she loves wallow in sadness.

With Steve continuing to berate Liz for her relations with Johnny, now he's returned to normal service, he managed to convince Jenny buying the Rovers was a good idea. It is after all the last place he saw Aidan alive, and he needs something to do with himself now he no longer has the factory. It's quite obvious the awful Johnny of recent weeks was simply for the point of story, and you know when you're watching a soap? Characters are gonna do strange things every now and then for the point of plot. See Toyah taking control of the pub situation and deciding that she's going to accept Johnny's offer, so that they can both move on and Peter's left out of that equation.

A lot of damage was done to Toyah's character as a result of the Eva plot, but if everyone being friendly with Tracy despite her being a murderer shows us anything, it's that no-one is beyond redemption.

Case in point? Toyah putting Peter in his place over the pub. She very much pointedly notes if Peter thinks he can speak on Toyah's behalf, then she can speak on his. These two are probably never going to resolve their issues and get back together because lying about a kid is a massive thing to do to your partner, but if they can leave the pub amicably, I think Toyah would consider that a win.

Part of dreamboat Kate's plan involved a drinking session with Daniel and Sinead. I'm not sure how exactly that is supposed to cheer Rana up, but we did get some delightful banter in the shape of them both trying to decide what to wear and that's footage I could really do with Corrie showing us one day. Cute, somewhat care free Kana is basically what we deserve after sitting through so much drama, and it honestly sets the pace quite nicely for what is to come.

Considering Rana's drama with her parents is supposed to be one of the main storylines of the week? You'd think that would involve an increase in screen time. Not so apparently, as the next time we're catching up with them following their night out wherever they were, Kate's getting the call from Imran for Rana that Hassan is in hospital.

Being the ever protective son, Steve just had to have a word in Johnny's ear about his dalliance with Liz. I'd question how on earth they're managing to have this conversation in the street without no-one hearing, but this is the same Coronation Street where the worst liars in the world Kate & Rana managed to have a secret affair, with no-one really batting an eyelid until faced with the evidence quite literally.

Johnny openly admits that he screwed up with everything that's happened with his family, but Steve isn't really interested in the excuses. He quite rightly points out that Liz is the one who has been left to suffer but Johnny's temporary lack of senses. Johnny proclaims his love of his wife, and again I think we're just supposed to overlook everything that happened just a few short weeks ago, whilst remembering the #1 rule of soap that secrets always come out. For the sake of Jenny? Someone who massively deserves better? She completely deserves to absolutely lose her rag at Johnny if this does ever come out and if we're denied that, it just won't be fair.

Abi is usually a character that is used for comic relief, but tonight she got to stick her teeth into some juicy material. Freaking out over her son running off, and being unable to find him for a few short seconds is every parents worst nightmare. Her kids being uninterested in her if she doesn't have any presents, resulting in Abi making the call to have them taken home whilst breaking down in tears was extremely heartfelt. Reverting to default mode though Abi is soon drowning in her sorrows, getting some wise words from Steve, but it's not enough as Seb soon reveals that she's gone AWOL. As much as her struggles are understandable, I can't help thinking the writers could've cut down a little bit on these and Gemma's scenes to give the Rana ones a bit more depth.

Gemma meanwhile, who before the last 2 weeks had never shown any interest in the Rovers, is absolutely crestfallen to discover that posh Henry hasn't gotten his loan and as a consequence that pub isn't going to be hers. Little does she know the news Jenny and Johnny have in store.

Of course when Rana arrives at the hospital, her mother tries to ignore her existence and then comments on Rana smelling of alcohol. Imran being the semi decent brother he is does try to point out now isn't the time for petty feuds, but that's not something his mum computes.

And of course more screen time is spent on Abi, as Seb launches the search party for her and Eileen + Tracey cover for her with the social worker whilst Steve joins the search party. But we do get a small scene at the hospital of Imran and his parents. Once again he's trying to make his mother see sense. Once again she isn't interested, proclaiming his father doesn't need anymore stress. Honestly, I would've really loved a bit of extra time in the build-up to this storyline being spent on Rana's parents. They basically disappeared off the face of the earth after the failed kidnap attempt, and now they're just thrown back into it.

This storyline though does give us another rarity that I love; Connor scenes. Michelle joins Kate in the cafe and persuades her to go to the hospital to be there for Rana, noting her parents might not like it, but it's not about them it's about Rana. Again it's a nice enough scene, but a little too short and I really do need Rana to have more scenes with the Connor's in the future.

Imran later confesses to Rana that he thinks their dad was showing symptoms of the stroke long before it actually happened, but didn't give it much thought at the time. Did we really need another 20 second scene to cut away to Abi? Absolutely not. Do I care about Abi & Steve's bonding being intercut between the scenes at the hospital and Rana rightfully putting her mother in her place? Absolutely not because that should've really been one long scene, but I am completely here for Rana calling her mum out on her crap and Kate following after her girlfriend immediately to reassure and calm her down.

With Johnny and Jenny officially announced as the new owners of the Rovers, Johnny wants to make sure what happened with Liz stays in the past and doesn't want Liz to stay on as bar staff. Considering he's brought this all on himself, I really couldn't care less about Johnny wanting the past to stay there and thinking he can call the shots with Liz, who is another woman putting a man in his place tonight.

It's the unfortunately left to Michelle accidentally putting her foot in it for Gemma to discover that Johnny and Jenny have bought the pub. Gemma of course flies off the handle, I of course don't care and the episode ends with Abi and Steve sharing a moment, because who really needs follow-up on Rana?