Friday, 31 August 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Face-Offs & Home Truths"

Tonight's episode began with Peter still intent on protecting Simon no matter what and Kate/Saira having quite the feisty encounter.

Because she's Kate, she couldn't resist having a dig over Saira going off on a cruise when she's supposed to be mourning, and refusing to rush off to the flat to get Rana's passport because she doesn't want to see Kate. Because she's Saira, she pointed out Kate was acting like a child and well and truly put in her place, Kate agreed to get the passport and see Saira at the bistro.

Because Kate needed words of wisdom she turned to Daniel Osbourne. Kate was still sticking to her guns that Rana was crazy for wanting to go on a cruise with the woman who tried to kidnap her, and being willing to lose their relationship in the process. Daniel pointed out the only one really putting the relationship in jeopardy here was her. Rana wants both her mum and Kate in her life. Saira may not like the relationship but is willing to put up with it because she doesn't want to lose Rana. Kate was refusing to comprehend that death can change a person's perspective, and really putting Rana in an impossible position of choosing between her love and her mum. Daniel also pointed out how much Rana has given up to be with Kate. I think at this point we can declare Daniel to be an official shipper tbh. YasQueen is all good in her words of wisdom and they come from the right place, but in this situation? Words of guidance from an outsider completely neutral to Saira's kidnapping escapades is what is needed.

Source: Kate and Rana

Did I find it slightly strange given Kana had previously made up off screen, all of a sudden Rana doesn't want to see her? Yes. Do I find it bizarre given the conversation with Johnny where Kate was admitting she was being a bit daft, YasQueen telling her that she was right to be wary would be enough to make Kate climb back on the high horse? Completely since it's not like those two are best buds though I hope they do have a bitchfest over Saira at some point, cause you've gotta find some way to past time in the day. My take from all this though is soaps gonna soap. As has been evidenced in the past, these two dorks are incapable of truly staying mad at each other. 5 minutes of proper conversation and everything's resolved, with Craig sleeping out on the street for the night, and in that situation? We're not getting Daniel Osbourne preaching the gospel or Kate doing her best Liam Nesson impression.

Source: Kate and Rana

At the bistro Kate was still very much on the defensive whilst admitting she was slightly in the wrong, but still totally telling Saira she has to accept her and her relationship with Rana otherwise she will lose her daughter. In the midst of Saira taking this on like a trooper, Kate warned that if she does anything to Rana whilst they're on the cruise, then she will find her and she will make her pay. THIS IS THE QUALITY CONTENT WE DESERVE. Kate Connor is a completely overprotective bae. First whiff of trouble in Rana's direction and she will flip. Saira greeted all of this with a lovely stoned expression, probably not sure at all what to make of all of this. Here she is trying to be a good mum for once in her life and build bridges with her daughter because family is so precious to her now, going toe to toe with Kate on the verbal smackdown and then getting threatened. As funny as this all was it was still completely in character. Neither of them want to lose Rana, but they're not going to be best friend's overnight. Not when Saira has tried to kidnap Rana and not when Saira does still probably view Kate as the woman who has turned her daughter's life upside down. Saira of course won Rana over when she acknowledged that she still doesn't understand her, but knows Rana is smart and if she says she loves Kate then she will try to accept it, but she has a long way to go to win Kate over and the same can probably be said for Saira.

Completely proving the point of these idiots can't really stay mad at each other, Kate did indeed back down and stop Rana in the middle of the street. She apologized, they exchanged I love you's, Kate promised to wait for rana, and whilst Saira watched on with a stony expression, things are being left in a good place for this hiatus.

Sure the scene could've been longer, and I'm totally calling fake news on Rana being willing to go off without making things right with Kate, but this is a chapter of the story closed. Rana has gone from being a person in a marriage with someone she didn't truly love, to realizing she had feelings for her friend, acting on those said feelings with a kiss and pouring her heart out, being rejected, Kate realizing she had those same feelings but not wanting to act because Rana was with Zeedan, a lil bit of going cold on each other, before eventually just giving into it all. Yes Kate did once again break it off when Rana wasn't able to break it off with Zeedan, but she did eventually find the courage to admit to Zeedan she was in love with someone else, have to go through him outing her to her parent's, her parents disgust and offering money if they stayed together, that being blown to smitherings because Kate and Rana really can't stay away from each other, Zeedan leaving after realizing there wasn't reallya place for him on the street anymore, Kate and Rana being together with Rana still disowned, and now her dad's died, her mother has realized that life is too short and is willing to accept Rana as she is.

Sure this storyline has had a lot of breaks and there have been some issues writing wise. But this is still massive character development to take place inside of a year. The break will be annoying, but when Rana does get back the next part of the storyline will begin, and we await to see what that is. Sure Coronation Street is a soap and soaps do stupid stuff sometimes, but there's no denying Kate & Rana are for keeps and this storyline has been extremely well done.

In news no-one cares about Angie and Jude are continuing to have relationship issues. And by continuing I mean Judge still deluding himself he has a chance and Angie doing her best to work with that. The guy really doesn't understand that lying to your wife for your whole relationship is quite the deal breaker. Mary meanwhile continued to be supportive and of course Jude went along with it and wrapped someone else up in his lies.

Peter meanwhile decided that Simon hanging out at the factory working would be a good idea to keep him safe. Not gonna lie, I do like the odd Carla/Simon interaction, but I don't dig Peter/Carla. Once again he pointed out he knew Carla was testing him. Once again I do not care in the slightest. The writers are really dragging out this whole will they/won't they. I don't understand why considering Carla deserves far better and gave Peter that epic speech just a few weeks ago. Simon even gives them his seal of approval, goodness knows why. Continuing to have a good eye for detail Carla caught Sinead red-handed trying to make an alteration to a garnet that was not undies. Carla the informed Sinead she was being docked wages for moonlighting, but they were soon distracted by Sinead being in a serious amount of pain. Carla was stuck in a bit of a bind since she wasn't supposed to leave Simon, but of course she had to.

At the factory he was pretty spooked for obvious reasons since our resident hoodlums were soon paying a visit and demanding he open the door. Carla was soon springing to the rescue with Peter to rescue Simon, and Peter of course got shot for his troubles. Proving himself to be the trooper, Peter declared himself fine having been shot with a paint ball and the emphasis was on making sure Simon was ok. That's all well and good except for the threat that next time the bullet will be real. Leanne was shocked to discover all of this news and soon jumping on the 'Carla this is all your fault' train, which I'll appreciate because she really does hate her. Peter unfortunately reveals everything happened so quick he can't be concrete on the shooter being Tyler, and Simon basically decided he's not going to testify. Leanne's ok with following Simon's wishes because she's a great mother hen, but Peter isn't having that and they're soon coming to blows. The two sides of the coin are understandable; Leanne doesn't want Simon in anymore danger and is always going to do what he wants whilst Peter just wants them all to be safe and putting Tyler away is an avenue to that. Ken tries to give Simon some words of advice but Peter was still being a massive hot head. Because he's a teenager Simon changed his mind yet again, and decided he was indeed going to testify. Leanne was still extremely scared of what could potentially happen to Simon and warned Peter that it'd be on his conscience.

Because the gifts just keep on coming we're treated to a Leanne/Carla scene, with Leanne once again blaming Carla for everything and ordering Carla to stay away from them.

I just love these two in scenes. Be it hating, begrudgingly admitting respect or wanting to tear lumps out of each other, I love them. If Corrie want to keep giving us Leanne/Carla scenes then I'm completely game.

Carla soon turned up to the bistro to see Michelle because we are truly being blessed tonight. She tells Michelle all of the Simon drama, and how Leanne blames her for everything. Michelle however picks up on the fact Carla was so affected by thinking Peter had been shot, and isn't here for Carla's excuses. So Carla reluctantly admits what we all know; she has feelings for Peter. Michelle is basically us as she questions why Carla is being such a dummy, and Carla of course doesn't react well to that. With Carla in such a good mood she decided to let bygones be bygones with Sinead and whilst Daniel asked a favour of Carla, she watched on quite uncomfortably as he gave her a thank you kiss. She can't help bringing up that thank you kiss to Daniel, who brings up their previous affair but claims they're now mates. Considering Carla is already in a will they/won't they with Peter, I don't think she's in the mood for another doomed triangle.

The crumbs continued to be laid for a relationship between Leanne/Imran with him comforting her over the Simon drama before they were interrupted by Angie. She's a smart woman though and can blatantly see what's going on just like Adam. But Angie's also feeling slightly down that she doesn't have that same spark shecan see in Leanne/Imran's interactions because she's basically stuck in a loveless marriage and at this point we can declare Angie deserves better. We were also treated to a sighting of Fiz as she and Tyrone were busy getting the house ready for Jack's return because they're good neighbours. And because she's a great mother hen, Fiz decided to get something sorted for Kevin to eat. He later poured his heart out to Fiz and Tyrone who promised to be here to support him and Jack.

With Angie still clearly struggling it was Adam Barlow's turn to be wise and offer a shoulder to cry on without any benefits. She later returned home to Jude where she once again reiterated she doesn't love him anymore. Jude continued to be delivered and Angie attempted to give him home truths that just kept falling on deaf ears. Because he really can't handle the truth he walked out. Because Tracey's been drinking the smart aid, she points out Mary's vow renewal for Jude and Angie has disaster written all over it. With Jude still deluding himself Tracey tried to preach wisdom to him, but Mary and Jude ignored it all. Once again returning home Angie decided she wanted a trial separation which Judge agrees to as long as she gave him one more day, and we all know why he wants another day. Mary is a good soul who deserves better than having Jude for a son to be honest. Elsewhere Kirk decided to use his connections to arrange for Jack's favourite footballer to greet him when he returns from hospital.