Monday, 27 August 2018

Coronation Street Review: Compo & Cruise Dilemma's

Lovely end to the bank holiday right! And an even better end is Corrie starting off tonight with a Connor scene. Johnny, Carla, Kate and Jenny Connor to be more specific, some of which were nursing hangovers from the lock-in. Not apologizing for not reviewing Friday's episode, but Henry is still proclaiming himself to be the victim. For those who are interested, he owes money to his ex-fiance's family, and rather than being honest about it, he's feigning injury to get compo out of Johnny and Jenny. We won't point out in order to make a claim for compensation, you would need medical proof from a verified doctor to state your injuries and even then it's loads of red-tape. Sure Gemma later informed us that Henry did indeed get injured and she also informs Jenny that Henry is paying a visit to solictors, which massively mucks up her and Johnny since they're not insured.


I know soaps gonna soap, but this storyline is nonsensical and shouldn't be taking up so much screen time. Of course Barlow's lawfirm are quick to take on the case, because there's no such thing as different lawyers dealing with different types of cases.

With Gemma's head in a tale spin, Rita accidentally clues her in on Henry's troubles by revealing all about his so-called present to Gemma and it doesn't take her long to realize he was trying to rob her. Literally the only good thing about this storyline is all of the bonding for Gemma. She and Rita have a really good relationship, and Gemma isn't naive enough to believe the sun shines out of posh Henry's bottom. We've had some fine moments between somewhat adoptive sisters Jenny & Gemma, given they've both been taken under Rita's wing and Gemma uttering the line 'Jenny from the block'. Who could like this stuff? Just remove posh Henry and we're all good.

We also had to deal with some more awkwardness between Carla/Leanne/Peter. Why I don't know. Leanne still doesn't like Peter and Carla working together. Carla is showing an interest in Simon's life which wasn't appreciated by Leanne who simply told Peter not to be late for dinner. Unless I've massively skipped a plotline here, I don't think Peter/Leanne are together so I don't know what on earth is going on with all of this. Every woman on the street could do better than Peter Barlow and I don't appreciate him being treated like an A list Lothario.

Another of Leanne's suitors is dealing with his own romance issues, as Sabine thinks he's still mucking around with his finances. Leanne was eager as punch for her first day on the job and we got another Paula mention. I LOVE MENTIONS OF PAULA.

Because Imran is trying to be a good person, he tries to encourage no longer oblivious Alya to make up with Rana because their friendship is important. Not so much for those that need a reminder but because I like reminding, Alya hasn't spoken to Rana properly since oblivious Alya died after she and Rana's parents had the delight of walking in on Kate & Rana indulging in extreme measure to get rid of Rana's flu. Imran reminds Alya that she and Rana have known each other a long time and shouldn't throw that away. Thank you writers for remembering they did once have a tight friendship, and please let all of this be the start of Alya/Rana 2.0 Imran is also paid a visit by mother Saira who apparently thinks Leanne looks nice, so no-one tell her about Leanne's past. Imran breaks the bad news that he can't get out of work so can't go on the cruise with Saira, who isn't really happy with that. Whilst guilt-tripping and being vile may work with Rana, it doesn't work as well with Imran who calls her out on it and simply says he'll sort it.

At the factory Carla really isn't happy that Peter continues to be a seen partner rather than someone who just sits in the back watching racing. Imran meanwhile greets Sabine rather lovingly and I can't help loving this Imran. Doesn't at all deserve Leanne or even Sabine still being hung on him, but he does have the best facial expressions and seems caring for 2 seconds. Because Adam is a Barlow and has brains, he can blatantly tell there's something going on with Leanne & Imran. He also can tell there's something up with Henry trying to sue Johnny and Jenny.

Imran is later catching up with our darling Kate Connor and trying to get Kate to convince Rana to go on the cruise. Kate very much isn't interested in doing that given Saira did try to kidnap Rana but also doesn't think Rana will listen to her. Whilst Imran tried to plead his case, Kate just isn't interested and he's soon pouring his sorrows to Leanne. Kate refusing to speak to Rana about the cruise because she doesn't think she'd listen to her is interesting. These two are Kate and Rana. Adorable, dorky, soulmates for life. Both extremely strong willed and communication now in the toilet. It's kind of clear from this that these two still haven't spoken since last week which is extremely sad.

Alya does indeed get in touch with Rana and give her some wise words of wisdom over her mum. Rana is still feeling extremely bad over living a lie with her mum, but Alya points out Rana still has one parent left and should make the most of it. Alya and Rana 2.0 is something that a girl could very much get used to.

Later Imran and Rana are spending some time together and Rana reveals she and Kate are texting, and she actually wants to go on the cruise with Saira. Imran's pretty pleased over this, whilst I just have to point out you know things are bad for the sake of plot when Kate and Rana aren't even talking to each other. Of course this is all for the sake of plot since the only way you can really build drama up for a week is to not have Kate & Rana in scenes together or talking, because if they were their issues would be solved in 2 minutes.

Gemma did of course later confront Henry and he did finally tell the truth about all of his woes. I still don't care, but at least they're improving their communication skills even if it's because he's caught in the act. Gemma is also completely disgusted that Henry still intends to go full steam ahead with his plan, even when she tells him that the pub isn't insured. Henry sees it as a necessary evil for love. He's soon paying a visit to the pub whilst the cronies are paying a visit to the street looking for him. Johnny and Jenny are more than aware he's trying to con them and Henry is soon shaking in his boots. He later returns to Gemma, still very much shaking in his boots but declaring he has dropped his claim. He forgets to mention he dropped it because they cottoned onto him and is instead lamenting the fact he's back at step 1. However there's more drama to come as Gemma reveals she actually knows everything that happened, and Henry just can't stop lying. He comes to realize he has indeed screwed everything up again and knows his time is up. He's desperate for Gemma to stay with him but that's very much not happening.

Ken and Simon are soon returning to the street with Simon not a happy bunny at all, and who can blame him really. Rita meanwhile gave Audrey a lecture over her choices in choosing Lewis over her family, and Liz was slightly put out to discover that Johnny had arranged the rota so that they wouldn't at all be working together. Peter and Carla also interviewed some people at Underworld and Chesney conspired with the cronies to get rid of Henry. I'd be judging Chesney but Gemma is thankfully more than aware of his actions and completely fine with it.

I did probably miss some plots going on tonight but the most important thing to really take on board is non pod Johnny is wonderful and I soak up every inch of Kate and Rana scenes that Corrie bless us with, especially in the midst of drama and not talking to each other.