Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Coming Round"

Source: Kate and Rana

I've said it before but I'll say it again; starting off with Kate is the best way to start an episode. Especially when that start is wise old Johnny giving her some extremely useful advice. She's still struggling with the fake-up and more specifically Rana moving out because let's face it, neither of them expected her to have to do that and she's still struggling with her dislike of Saira which is again completely understandable. Johnny's on hand to point out he wasn't the best parent when Kate first came out, though he of course didn't try to kidnap her, and offers words of wisdom which ends in the offer of a holiday because Johnny can't help wanting to spoil his little princess.

With her own love life in the crapper, Gemma turned her hand to match-making but she's no Sally Metcalfe. Gemma thinks Liz is all sad over Mike leaving, when of course we know she's sad over working with Johnny after their extremely brief fling. Whilst it was all for the sake of plot, I still need Jenny to find out. Sure pod Johnny has long departed and normal Johnny is now back, but Jenny still deserves to know the truth.

Kate and Rana caught up with each other and Kate was quick to offer the idea of her and Rana having a holiday together. Of course Rana can't do that since she's already decided to go off on the cruise with Saira for 6 weeks, which Kate is justifiably not happy with. Rana though isn't budging on the cruise and they're once again left at a stand still. Both points of view are once again completely understandable. Being in and around her mum has somewhat regressed Rana's character as it always does when she's around her parents, and because she's the type of person to offer a billion chances, of course she'd want to go on a cruise with her mum because she is the only parent she has left. Of course Kate wouldn't be happy with that given they've already faked a break-up and her mum did try to kidnap her. Of course they both don't understand each other's point of views and of course that does create tension.

Imran and Rana later catch up with Saira at speed-dahl and YasQueen is of course watching in the distance because she's a Queen who still adores Rana and doesn't trust Saira as far as she can be thrown. Rana tells Saira she wants to go on the cruise with her since Imran can't and Saira is nice as pie, except she can't resist making a dig about Kate. And of course Saira drops the bomb that Hassan cut Rana out of the will, but it's all ok because she's seen sense and is on the right path. All of this is of course weighing down on Rana, and she once again wonders if she should tell Saira the truth. This is probably gonna be my only fault of the night, since Rana had previously said she would tell Saira the truth when the time was right and it now seems as though she's becoming so immersed in being back in with her mum and getting complimented probably for the first time in her life and it's clear Rana is feeling pulled in two different directions.

Source: Kate and Rana

As Saira continues to go on Rana can't take it any longer and tells her mum the truth. She proclaims her love for Kate and admits that she lied about breaking up. Saira is of course furious with this and the fact Rana let her father die thinking she'd seen the 'error' of her apparent ways, and tells Rana that she makes her sick because she's not trying to win soap Mother of the Year.

Source: Kate and Rana

Rana catches up with her mum and spills her absolute guts to her in a scene that should be added to Bhavna's showreel. Rana reveals Kate was the one who suggested they break-up so that Rana could see her father. Saira is still not really having any of it and still set in the belief that Rana can change. With Saira refusing to budge Rana issues her an ultimatum that she can either accept her or not, and goes off to sort things with Kate because that is the most important relationship to her and at this point I'm basically a squeeing mess. Saira then chases after Rana and they have another massive shouting fest which does finally end in Saira being willing to mend fences. Rana points out she should love her no matter what and with Hassan's death firmly on her mind, Saira admits she doesn't understand the relationship but she will learn to accept it and at this point I'm basically in floods.

I've complained a few times here and there about Saira's portrayal in this storyline, but honestly this scene? This is the type of scene I've been waiting for and it is true to life. Unfortunately people do exist in the world who are for whatever reason extremely homophobic and will disown their own children as a result and when parental love isn't enough to break down that wall? Death will. It truly does put things into perspective for a lot of people and that's exactly what's happened with Saira here, even with her going as far as to actually say Kate's name. It's an absolutely wonderful scene that is perfectly acted by Bhavna and Kim and will probably be rewatched a lot.

Unfortunately whilst Rana may have mended one relationship, the other is in massive danger. She goes to the flat happy enough that she's finally reached peace with her mum, and she and Kate do apologize to each other but as soon as Rana says she's still going on the cruise Kate is not a happy bunny. Whilst we viewers may have seen the actual conversation and know that Saira was being genuine, Kate doesn't and she's still extremely apprehensive and convinced that Saira will try to turn Rana against her. Rana rightfully points out Kate wasn't there for the conversation, but Kate is still refusing to budge and brings up Aidan and Rana not really understanding her. They're both basically at a gridlock and Kate tells Rana if she goes on the cruise she won't wait for her and to leave.

Honestly this scene did absolutely gut me but then tonight did in general because of the emotion involved. This scene though? It didn't really make a whole lot of sense. Kate has known from the get go that despite what they've done, Rana's parents are extremely important to her. She's known from the get go that having their approval meant a lot to her, and being on the outs with them was incredibly hard. She suggested the fake-up so that Rana would be able to see her dying dad, and for a split second when Rana revealed he'd died, Kate had thought he'd died finally accepting her for who she is. Of course that didn't happen and Rana's felt terrible for the lies and the fake-up spiraling out of control. Whilst she would have reservations over whether or not Saira was actually being genuine, she'd also know that reaching this stage with her mum is incredibly important to her. So considering all of this? Threatening to walk away if Rana goes on a cruise for 6 weeks doesn't really ring true and it felt like a cheap shot mentioning Aidan. Rana was there for her when he died and has been supporting her since and shouldn't be made to feel bad for grieving for her father just because Kate doesn't understand it. Sure Kate can be extremely rash with her emotions and say things she doesn't really mean in the heat of the moment, and is quite fearful of what Saira could still do to Rana. But she's completely dismissing everything Rana is saying about her mum in the process, even going as far as to call her stupid for daring to believe her, and that doesn't quite ring true to me but I guess when you reach your breaking point all the emotions just come toiling out.

Rana goes running to Imran for advice and whilst he does mock Kate's concern, he's also aware of what their mum is capable of but thinks they owe it to Hassan to give Saira another chance - but not at the expense of Rana's relationship with Kate. Meanwhile Kate goes to Johnny for advice and he tells her that she's right to expect the same level of support from Rana. Just as it looks like Kate may be realizing she's acted rashly, YasQueen warns her not to trust Saira. Her view point here is completely understandable because once again, she's not been privy to what we have and I'm basically never hearing a word against YasQueen. It's also important to note that both Kate/Rana realize the ultimatum was massively rash and even if they're not talking to each other, they are talking to people whom's opinions are actually useful. Oh and it's basically a countdown to them both apologizing once again and making peace because that's just how they roll.

Because the writers are intent of dangling that Peter/Carla crumb in our faces, and an interviewee at the factory would of course look like Tina. When this is pointed out to Carla, she decides to let Peter take the lead, I guess to test whether or not he's truly changed. Simon was also marching about extremely grumpily but what's new there. Peter does manage to get through the interview but can't get over the fact she looks so much like Tina and of course Carla abandons the interview. They do then speak with Peter more than aware of the interviewee looking like Tina, and doesn't want a daily reminder of the biggest mistake of his life when he's worked so hard to become a better person. Roy thankfully interrupts this nice little moment and also informs Peter of his wayward son's actions. Leanne and Angela are soon hanging out with Simon joining them and Adam informs Angela that Jude was looking for her, which serves to remind us they are still actually a thing. Angela somewhat catches Mary in the act of planning more shenanigans and is trying to gently let Mary know she doesn't have to babysit, but instead faces the prospect of spending time with her husband which doesn't thrill her. Imran is on hand for more useful advice because tonight he was wise, insightful Imran and he believes Rana will be alright because of course! Angela's another person at her breaking point and tells Jude they can't carry on like this.

With an incident happening at speed-dahl ending in Simon running out and Leanne following him. Leanne's unhappy that Simon's been so rude to YasQueen (yes that is how I refer to her) not knowing the real reason of what spooked him. Back home Leanne is still wondering what on earth is going on with Simon whilst also spilling on the factory interviewee being Tina's twin. Leanne however believes Carla was trying to set Peter up to test her, and I'm again wondering why on earth Leanne cares. Carla meanwhile has been blindsided by Peter's reaction because she really wants to hate him but can't, and again I'm just counting down the days here because it's so obvious especially when Roy's spewing wisdom. Carla needs to remember her conversation with Peter a few short weeks ago, and every bad thing he has ever done, and have Michelle tattoo it onto her.

Chesney meanwhile revealed to Cathy and Gemma that the kids think Brian is Santa because it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas. That crisis is soon being discussed in the cafe and all I really took from this convo is that there's less than 4 months of the year left. Cathy reveals that Brian thinks the kids respect him and Tyrone doesn't see what harm can come of this. With the kids misbehaving Tyrone is soon threatening them with Brian and agrees that not telling them the truth definitely won't cause any harm. Steve meanwhile let slip to Liz that Gemma was trying to get in touch with Mike because she thinks Liz is still into him. This obviously freaks Liz out but Steve doesn't want to get involved and who can blame him. Liz later lies to Gemma that Mike has moved on as a way of stopping a match-maker in progress.

The night ended with Leanne and Peter discussing how exactly to deal with Simon, which ended in him being forced to go to the shop to buy something for Leanne and getting jumped by hoodlums. Fortunately Kate was there to rescue him even if she got knocked down in the process, but it's now clear to Peter and Leanne just how serious Simon's issues are and he can't run away, and Peter vows that no-one is messing with his family anymore. Shout-out to Kate running to the rescue like the BAMF she is.