Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Asking For Help"

Tonight we got many wonders. The return of Robert. The return of David. More technological advances as everything on the burner phone matched up to what Duncan had said, apparently forgetting why exactly burner phones exist. In an ideal world, fingerprint testing would be done on the phone to establish just who exactly had handled it, and ya know, people wouldn't believe a phone coming out of thin air.

We were also treated to Audrey's scandalous love life as she plotted a secret trip to see Lewis and didn't appreciate questioning from David and Gail. She's somewhat caught in the act with Gail on the phone whilst she's enjoying a date with Lewis. Unfortunately proclaiming to be on a ship when you're not doesn't go well when Gail runs into Imran who informs her the ship got cancelled months ago. So we end up in a situation with Gail worried something terrible has happened to Audrey and girl! You don't even know the half of it. Eventually Audrey is of course caught out and has to face Gail's wrath, because apparently Gail has forgotten that Audrey is the adult here.

The Rovers makeover is full steaming ahead, with Johnny and Jenny deciding to turn the place into a gastro pub, which is quite similar to what Robert does at the Bistro. Real good thing the Connor family loyalty goes along way as they're basically taking over the street.

Sean meanwhile continued to try and help show Carol there was a better way of life, despite them both being trapped in the same thing and that ended with her going her own way and Sean finding her battered and bruised. Josh is also nice and alert enough to continually repeatedly telling Billy that he didn't drug or rape David. Billy thinks that Josh deep down knows what he's done and wants to be stopped, which is why he hasn't told Billy to go away. Nothing to do with being in hospital with no friends or relatives that care for him and a Vicar for his only company. Billy is soon rushing to the scene to help Sean and Carol, with Sean feeling devastated he didn't do enough to help Carol.

Billy, Carol and Eileen were eventually able to help Sean see sense and asks for some help with his situation. Someone else who probably needs a bit of help is Rana. She goes to collect some more stuff from the flat and bumps into Kate, who sin't really happy with what Rana's doing and more specifically doing it behind her back. Rana though isn't happy with having Kate on her case and is soon snapping at her, before telling all to Imran who is still trying to sort out their parents cruise. It was booked before Hassan's death, and Saira is obviously going to need someone to accompany her. Rana isn't exactly up to that, commenting that she'd probably end up pushing her overboard so we'll see how next week works out. When Rana decides to catch up with Kate in the Bistro, she justifiably greets her rather angrily as she's still unhappy with all the deception and the fact that telling her mother the truth is really the furthest thing from Rana's mind despite proclaiming to Imran she's not gonna live a lie anymore. It's all extremely fiery, but we'll have to wait for another time to see the resolution to that which I guess is just build-up to next week.

In all honesty looking at the idea of Kate being so fed up with Rana's behaviour and the situation they've found themselves in, that she issues an ultimatum to her seemed very bizarre to me at the beginning but the writers are laying the groundwork here. It does as always come down to good intentions going very badly, lack of communication and feeling festering into an explosion. These two dorks do of course love each other and will probably work their way through this eventually, but who doesn't like a good bit of angst in the mean time?

Elsewhere the word was quickly spreading round the street and basically scaring the locals over what exactly Jenny and Johnny were planning to do with the pub. With Gemma still down in the dumps Jenny offered her a job, and two lovely looking chaps had their eyes squarely on posh Henry.

And in other news which completely deserves its own paragraph; WEATHERFIELDS FINEST LESBIAN MATCH-MAKER SALLY METCALFE IS AT IT AGAIN!! Seriously, throw a het pairing this woman's way and it'll be a disaster, but as soon as you say the words 'daughter is a lesbian who has just broken up with her girlfriend' and she's in there faster than The Flash to offer Sophie's services. How exactly Sophie feels about Sally once again pimping her out we'll find out another day, but if Sally isn't going to get her dream of have a Connor as a daughter-in-law, she's sure as hell gonna make sure Sophie's girlfriend is decent and who can be more decent than the daughter of a lawyer?!