Friday, 10 August 2018

Claire Richard's Releases Debut Single 'On My Own'

UPDATE: We now have a music video!

Over the weekend Claire Richard's dropped the news that she has signed a deal with Sony to release her first ever solo album. It's called "Wildest Dreams" and will be released on the 2nd November, but you can of course pre-order it now.

'On My Own' is the first song taken from the album and a terrific powerhouse ballad. Fans of Steps though shouldn't have any fears of the album meaning the end of the band, as Claire explained in an interview with The Sun's Dan Wootton that everyone has been aware from the start this album is something she would be doing in the gap during Steps album "I don’t feel this is going to take anything away from Steps, it’s very much an entity in itself. No single one of us is ever going to be bigger than Steps as a whole, I don’t think."

Last year Steps reached #2 on the charts with their comeback album "Tears On The Dancefloor", which was the group's first proper studio album in 17 years. You can press play on the video above and let us know what you think!