Saturday, 28 July 2018

Wynonna Earp When You Call My Name Review: "That Hurt"

Wow! 3 seasons in and being a Wynonna Earp viewer, you know this is THAT fun show which has the banter, the character interactions, quick quips, and the ability to turn an episode onot its head and leave you completely and utterly wrecked.

3 seasons in we also know when an episode is hyped as being a game changer? Something extremely bad is coming. Yet despite knowing this? The events of 'When You Call My Name' were no less devastating.

The episode started off when last weeks episode left us. Waverly & Wynonna had been in a car crash, with Waverly being captured, her voice stolen and a revenant deciding that since his woods had long dried up in providing meal time? Eating people was the next best thing and Waverly was destined to be his next meal.

But of course this is Wynonna Earp, and where other shows would have our hero be dazed, confused, beaten down and completely oblivious to a life being in danger, the only thing Wynonna can think about is her sister. After suffering her own injuries in the crash, she's visited by a figment of her mother that lives in her head. She provides Wynonna with just the pep talk that is needed to get her back up the mountain, and into the woods.

There though they come into disagreement with figment mum wanting Wynonna to prioritize her own life over saving Waverly, and Wynonna being resolute that she has a team who will realize they're in trouble and come to help. Figment mum thinks having a team has made Wynonna weak and the only person she can count on is herself.

Getting an inkling from her phone call with Waverly that all was not well, Nicole ventured off in her car, where she came across a hunter out on his travels and he alerted her to the car crash. The alarm was quickly raised and whilst Wynonna found her way to the revenants home and played a rather interesting game of charades with a voiceless Waverly as she tried to rescue her, Nicole and Doc were soon on their trail.

After a brief chase in the woods Mr. revenant was no more, but not before revealing himself to be extremely afraid of the notion of Bulshar rising. Clearly whilst vampires think him being resurrected is so great they're coming to Purgatory for a party, there are other revenants who are just as scared of his presence as our gang.

With Waverly out of the cage and voice returned, she once again confronted Wynonna over their mother and Wynonna was forced to reveal she'd known where their mother was the whole time. Their mother not wanting Waverly to know where she was didn't really do much to quell the anger that Waverly understandably has. It's going to take a little bit of time before that wound heals, and hopefully there will be some more Earp family moments on the horizon.

You'd think the gang being all rescued and the Earp momma drama would be enough for this episode, but nope! With peacemaker down a cliff, it was left to Nicole and all of her experiencing mountain climbing to retrieve Wynonna's gun. Unfortunately they had company in the shape of Bulshar's henchman, who cut the rope and left Wynonna desperately clinging to it, and Nicole's life. Wynonna could only watch on helplessly as Dolls engaged in a fight with the henchman to keep him distracted, long enough to try and get Nicole back up the cliff. The rope continuing to slip, Nicole urged Wynonna to just let her go but she couldn't do that.

They are a team which never leaves anyone behind, and had Wynonna given in to Nicole's wishes and let her go, Wynonna never would've forgiven herself and Waverly would've joined her in that.

Earlier in the episode Jeremy was attempting to warn Doc and Dolls that his condition was getting worse. Dolls isn't the type of person that likes a fuss and prefers to focus on saving others, so of course he ignored Jeremy's warning.

Doc on the other hand was just concerned over what Dolls going unclear would mean for the rest of them. It's clear he still has a lot of anger and resentment over Dolls shooting him, and as a consequences sending him to hell. He believes that taking a life makes him and Dolls the same as each other, but Dolls rightly pointed out that Doc is far more self serving than he ever could be, and is really only interested in joining the fight when it's his life on the line. Outside of any danger to himself, Doc does tend to stay out of things unless he's forced into intervening.

It was an extremely interesting conversation between the two men, who have had their issues ever since they first laid eyes on each other. The fact though they were having such a conversation over their issues, and of course Jeremy's warnings of peril was enough to confirm Dolls was meeting his maker this episode but it didn't make the death hurt any less. Nicole immediately called it in and attempted CPR on Dolls, whilst Doc and Wynonna looked on crestfallen and Waverly was forced to deliver Jeremy's news that Dolls was indeed dead.

Regardless of whether you like the character or not, it was a devastating ending. Wynonna refused to leave his side explaining that he didn't like the woods, and still wanted to believe that he would come back from it. Once again showing why they're the best sibling relationship TV land has to offer, Waverly put her issues with Wynonna aside to comfort her big sister.

Next weeks episode will see the gang having to deal with the consequences and their feelings regarding Doll's death, and I'm looking forward to it. Far too often when a character dies, we're given a time jump, or the aftermath of their death is played down. This is the first major death that Wynonna Earp has felt since it started 3 years ago, and it'll be interesting to see just how they come to grips with it.

Even more worrying? Big, show changing deaths usually occur towards the end of the season or as a cliffhanger to take us into the next one. They do NOT usually happen in the 2nd episode, and with 10 episodes still left to go, the rather worrying question is what else is in store for us?