Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The Survival Code to Release New Single 'Crawl' On 27th July + Live Dates


July 20th - The Islington - Angel - London

August 9th - Fibber Maggees - Dublin
August 16th - Latest Music Bar - Brighton
August 31st - Album launch gig - The Finsbury - London

On the single, Gary says: “This song is strong, with a plunging intro that leads to a steady beating verse that’s flat out. The bridge is one of the more fun and complicated parts of our set as the pattern never stops but the vocals need to be clear and strong throughout, can be a head melt at times. The chorus is catchy and has a beautiful hanging pedal note buried in the background which really lifts it every time.

The song is about all the little annoying things that sometimes overwhelm a picture but in reality, when it goes your way that once every so often, it really really is the best! One step forward one hundred back”.

More info on the band - with social media links:

The Survival Code is a band created by Gary McGuinness with a passion for energetic music , huge melodies and riff rocking music. He moved to London as a drummer with over a hundred songs written in 2010 and slowly put the band together while migrating out from behind the skins to the front of the stage

2010/11 - The first EP “Everything but today” was recorded in Animal Farm Studios seeing Gary playing all instruments on the release as it was to be used as the marketing tool for the band to assemble band members

2012 - Release of “Everything but today” as a 4 piece with a slightly young and pinky feel. Gigged a lot in this period and made significant progress in a short space of time, mostly independent / DIY shows

2014 - After a few line up changes the band entered the studio in Crown Lane Morden to recorded “MMXV” the band’s debut album. They worked with John Merriman as producer and the album was produced by Matt Hyde (Slipknot, Ash, Funeral for a friend, Trivium). The album was recorded as a 3 piece with Tom Cook on drums being with the band since the start to this day

2015 - The album release coincided with getting a new guitarist for the release. Unfortunately after 3 months in the band and featuring in two music videos it turning out the chap had a severe drug issue / dependancy and had to leave the band in the middle of the release - in fact the day we went in the studio to do our only cover song - Fade Out/Street Spirit by Radiohead

2016 - Recorded EP “Broken Strings”. For this EP we recruited a new bassist - Chema Zurita. Chema was rock and roll and was on the recording with us but he left suddenly just before we had a massive tour. The lads could have killed him at the time but he got a great opportunity to be the bass player in American punk rockers - Total Chaos and hasn't looked back since. As devastating as it was at the time, the lads are still very close with Chema

2016 - Disappointment this year when a manager the band had been working with for 6 months disappeared with all the work done/ not done. The two things together really put the brakes on the progress of the project in 2016

2016/17 - Despite the disappointment, the two singles off the release were the most successful in the band’s history making regular plays on KERRANG! radio along with Planet Rock and many more. The band also played Camden Rocks to top a very good first six months of ‘17

2017 - Less is more for the new album. In the studio the band realised they were in groundhog day again with the bass player, this time it was down to not being to commit to what the person had said at the time and was the third in two years and so so so much time is lost training in band members. Matt Hyde stepped up to make sure the album happened and between Gary, himself and another engineer bent over backwards to ensure the recording happened without compromise. The band had been let down by Simon Efemy, they had been scheduled to work with him for a year or more but it fell through 8 weeks before pressing play.

The lads had entered the studio this time looking to remove all bells and whistles, to only focus on bits and parts we can reproduce live but that evolved when the recording started to encompass some vocal backing tracks to play along to live. When the bass player issue occured, the lads simply went for it as a duo, Gary recorded all the bass parts over a stressful unforeseen few days and the lads haven't looked back since

2018 - Two singles released and Darren Gorey (an Irish drummer) has been recruited so the band can have a good presence in both countries

The Survival Code have proved over the years that less is more, stripping excess members, sounds and hangers on away to reveal an honest rock band that has nowhere to hide. Having being compared with some fine bands on this offering such as : Royal Blood , Queens of the Stoneage and the Foos by HOTPRESS MAGAZINE they are looking to make a big impression in the UK and Ireland in the coming months