Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The Handmaids Tale The Word Season Finale Review

The Handmaid`s Tale - Season 2 Finale – Unfinished Business. . .

There is something utterly beautiful in the way The Handmaid`s Tale embraces destruction and devastation and turns it into something really empowering and inspirational. The final hour of THT`s sophomore run was nothing less than phenomenal and heartbreaking.

June never let herself be a victim within this story and the way she worked herself through this episode and moved the chess pieces around the game field was impeccable. With so much power and certainty in her words and abilities she worked the Waterfords as she pleased.

And while the writers acknowledged June and her powers, they made it certain she wouldn`t have it that easy. Serena`s scene in front of all those men who continuously direct their ways and lives was powerful and carried the weight of the #MeToo movement along the fight they were fighting for their Daughters. THT isn`t subtle and it never tried to be, they`ve brutally pushed against those walls which tried to silence them.

As the episode and June`s escape progressed I was certain the writers would put up a twist we haven`t seen before so they could continue the show, cause seriously how are we supposed to live without it. But my heart split in a second when June pushed her baby girl Holly into Emily`s arms and sent them away while she would stay and rescue her other daughter Hannah, she couldn`t leave and be happy with her left behind.

And while this was the perfect decision storywise, it was even better character wise. It was an authentic June move, true to her character and the ideology the show is trying to build up, about unity and no one left behind. No one loves unfinished business.