Friday, 20 July 2018

The Great Divide Release New Single 'That Was the Life'

River’s Tent is the brand new album by The Great Divide. (Out now online / CD in Sept)The opening track on the album is ‘That Was the Life’ (out now via Interrupting Sheep Records) and you can see the video below.

The Great Divide is the name used by London-based Singer/Songwriter/Film Composer Gerald Clark to record and release his own music.

Gerald formed The Great Divide in 2010 to release the album ‘Terra Firma’ after leaving The Fabulists. Terra Firma was a set of songs – each of which told a story – about Characters searching for something. River’s Tent is about change, change for the better and change for the worse, and change that causes you to look back on what you had. Sometimes nostalgic, sometimes romantic, sometimes openly drawing musical inspiration from the 80s too – Gerald cites Tears for Fears, Prefab Sprout and Joe Jackson as big influences – but his jazzier side also comes to the fore.

He released the acclaimed jazz album (under his own name) Nakba in 2014 and it came to the attention of, among others, Robert Wyatt, who agreed to perform the song ‘Ibrahim’. This was released on 10” Vinyl in 2016 and forms the centre-piece of River’s Tent, where the album moves into a much more contemplative area, before returning to a more straightforward modern pop, the album closing with the more Elbow-inspired Russian Doll and The Gone-Away World.

The Great Divide will be playing a few shows around the South-East in September when the CD release of River’s Tent comes out. In the meantime Gerald continues to work on his own projects, recently scoring Midsummer Night’s Dream for Infinite Jest Theatre Company and working on a series of sketches for Piano. BAA004 (The Interrupting Sheep) Out 6/7/18.