Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Bold Type The Domino Effect Advance Preview

I think it'd be fair to say The Bold Type is Freeform's surprise package. It's full of positivity, tackles real life issues without feeling preachy, great storytelling and great acting.

For a brief recap of last weeks events, Kat had a dream about a girl NOT named Adena which has her shook, Sutton took a walk which ended at Richard's apartment and devastation at seeing him bring home a new girl, and Jane's relationship with Ben was continuing to go from strength to strength. We were also treated to a wonderful bit of karaoke that I'm going to need this show to do more often.

This week sees Jane taking centre stage. The article she wrote in the season 1 finale on sexual harassment is up for a Mandy's award. Since being fired in the 2nd episode Jane has very much been struggling with unemployment. If she gets an interview, as soon as people realize who she is it's a firm no, or she's having to accept there are other people better equipped for the job. Thanks to the awards nomination and a bit of helpful advice from Ben, doors do once again open for her. The nomination also forces her to catch up with Jacqueline for various reasons. The two haven't spoken to each other since Jacqueline refused to rehire Jane, and she is obviously quite nervous to be back around her mentor, especially with one of the issues that comes up. It gives their portrayers Katie Steven and Melora Hardin more wonderful material to work with.

Someone not having a wonderful time this week is Sutton. At work Oliver assigns her an extremely awkward task of styling Richard's date. It's absolutely horrible for her but she holds it together well, and one of the conversations allows her to get a better insight into Richard. It still doesn't stop her aching for him and whereas Jane & Kat are good sympathetic shoulders to cry on Brooke is the complete opposite. All the girl wants to do is party and drown in partying, and has no time at all for Sutton or her feelings. Whilst it's understandable Sutton is associating herself with Brooke for her connections, it is having a bad effect on her work life. If you thought Kat and Jane coming to her aid in her walk of shame was humorous, the opening to this weeks episode beats that.

Kat is understandably very shaken up by her dream. She tries to explain it all away as being nothing more than missing Adena and Sutton & Jane are on hand to joke at their friends expense. As you may have seen from the sneak peek released for the episode, Kat finds herself hitting the New York gay bar scene and going down an absolute hit. When Adena does return from her retreat and they meet up at Kat's place it is immediately obvious to her that something is up with Kat.

If season 1 of The Bold Type was about Kat comprehending her feelings for a woman and pursuing a relationship with her, then season 2 is about what happens once the honeymoon period is over. We've already seen Kat get insecure over being unknowingly surrounded by Adena's exes, and coming to grips with the physical elements of being with a woman. Now the full elements of her sexuality are being brought into question. Whilst some may label the drama as being predictable, I think it's honest storytelling. I'm extremely interested to see just where exactly these writers take the storyline for the remainder of theseason.

Some other interesting moments from the episode include Jane & Sutton getting a house call in the early hours, Ben trying and failing to be supportive in an adorable way, Jane giving her friends the night off, closet + ice cream action and a quality soundtrack as always.

The Domino Effect airs tomorrow night on Freeform at 8pm.