Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The Bold Type 2x08 Plan B Review: "Choices"

Given how semi-heavy the last 2 episodes of The Bold Type have been? We were long overdue a bit of fluff.

Starting off with the drama though and after a condom mishap, Jane was making an emergency call to the Pharmacist for the morning after pill. The result of which was being told she is fine and no diseases in sight, but with the gene that she has, she needs to start thinking about whether or not she wants kids. For those who need a brief catch-up, in season 1 it was revealed Jane's mother died of breast cancer and as part of an article on whether women of a particular age group should be tested, Jane got tested and discovered her fate.

As always, Sutton, Kat and our favorite boss Jacqueline were on hand for support. Jane got stuck into an article about how young mothers deal with having a career and a child, as she wrestled with whether or not she wanted one herself. It's not really the type of dilemma you expect to have to deal with at her age, but cancer is an ass. Kat & Sutton were on hand with a shoulder to cry on + joining Jane out on her field trip. It was of course though Jacqueline who had the best advice for her, and Jane ended the episode telling Ben exactly what was going on and their relationship at a crossroad.

Now, here's the thing about Jane. She's a nice enough character and Katie Steven's has come on in leaps and bounds since the show first started. However, with Jane constantly having problem after problem thrown her way? The Bold Type is becoming less about our trio and more about Jane. This week it was whether she wanted kids, last week it was the great gun debate, the week before that was all about Jane receiving an award for her article on sexual assault. Covering important topics is something the show does well enough on a weekly basis. It does though need to spread the story emphasis around the three girls a bit more evenly.

Where last week was all about Kat experimenting in her love life so to speak, this week she was enjoying the benefits of being a social media manager. She was approached to do advertising for a company, but found out too late from Pinstripe that they were run by a bunch of racists. They were more than aware they'd be getting some serious heat for their involvement with white supremacists, and having a black, queer lady doing advertising was the perfect 'I can't be racist because....' After being informed there was no way for her to break the contract without feeling ramifications, Kat went through with the advert, and at the same time revealed the truth about the company. Of course that didn't exactly go down well with our favourite frenemy Cleo, but thankfully Jacqueline put her in her place. That little back and forth between them as Jacqueline was explaining the reasons of why they don't do advertising, advising Cleo to give things a second thought in future and Kat just watching on trying not to laugh was absolutely beautiful.

Jacqueline has been a lot more fun this season now that she has someone to spar with so to speak. She and Cleo clearly don't see eye to eye as they both have extremely different ideologies over what is best for Scarlett magazine, and considering Cleo does like to act as though she knows better than everyone else? Seeing it blow up in her face is quite amusing.

Sutton was another character whose work life got a focus over her private life. This week it was all about standing in for Oliver at a department meeting with disastrous consequences. She took her boss's words to heart and nodding along to everything said, which resulted in the fashion departments budget being cut for a shoot. When she attempted to rectify that error, that was a complete bust. So being creative, if you can't go to the bar you bring the bar to you and Sutton most definitely did that. Taking photos to help her get the image in her head, she hit the flea market with Jane & Kat and they managed to recreate the bar in the Scarlett studio. The photo-shoot was a success, Sutton's ass was no longer on the line and it's another big win.

The show has of course already been renewed for a 3rd season which is currently filming, but with 2 episodes left of this season, there are still quite a few storylines to resolve. It was great to get a break from the Kat/Adena relationship drama, but I do hope that picks up next week as dragging that into the 3rd season? Not exactly a way to reward your fans. Obviously there are suggestions that a rift starts to form in their relationship next week, but it would've been nice to have actually seen a bit of the build-up for that play out on screen. Then there's Sutton and the whole Richard drama; are they really over or is the show going to work its way back to them? Is Brooke really out of the picture now for good? As for Jane, is her relationship with Ben damaged beyond repair? Is she going to fall back into Pinstripe's arms? Are we ever going to get a bit more depth on Sutton and Kat as characters outside of their relationship dramas? The episode with Kate's parents featuring as she suffered a crisis of race was good enough, but I really need more on her and likewise Sutton.

All in all, this was another top notch episode of The Bold Type, and I impatiently await next week!