Sunday, 22 July 2018

Riverdale Season 3 First Look Promo + Panel News

After yesterday's action packed day, today's Comic-Con festivities are a little more low-key with just 4 panels remaining and Riverdale's panel has given us a first look at season 3's premiere along with a recap of last seasons events!

The season 3 sneak peek below sees Archie commenting on how rough summer has been, and hitting the road with Veronica, Betty and Jughead to have some Labor Day fun. The promo climaxes with Betty walking down the stairs and out of the house to see a clan ominously threatening to put babies on a bonfire?! Only in Riverdale!

Panel News

S3 starts off with Archie on trial for murder. “We’ll see if he goes away or if he doesn’t go away.” KJ Apa
Camilla says Veronica will be a bit of an entrepreneur in S3 (+ a high school student). She’s working at Pop’s and running her speakeasy. There may be problems for Veronica + Archie
Jughead and Betty are rock solid - Lili Reinhart
Betty and Jughead will go back to being investigative reporters together and look into the new mystery.
Jughead's mom and Jellybean are COMING to Riverdale this season! Their introductions will be around episodes 8/9.
KJ Apa on Archie's arc at start of the year: “Season 3, first episode starts off w/ Archie’s on trial for the murder of Cassidy. We’ll see if he’s going to go away or if he’s not going to go away.”
In Season 3, Kevin and Moose are definitely a thing. But Moose is still sort of in the closet. Kevin's trying to push him in the right direction.
Kevin and Josie will be living together this season when their parents move in together.
According to Madchen, there is a really hot leader of the cult farm
Season 3 will have more singing
Reggie will find an unlikely romance starting in episode 3! He starts working at Veronica’s speakeasy!
Lili says Betty is the Serpent Queen now and will be owning that at the beginning of the season.
Roberto says the farm storyline is informed by Wild, Wild Country.
The first few episodes will focus on the current cast. The Jones family will arrive later and we will meet the leader of the farm--Edgar Evernever.
Penelope Ann Miller has joined the season 3 cast as District Attorney Ms. Wright. Whilst technically not playing a villain, she is determined to put Archie behind bars for a crime viewers know he did not commit.