Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Our Girl Episode 3x11 Promotional + BTS Photos & Press Release

Promotional + BTS Photos


Ep 11/12
Tuesday 17 July

As the camp is hit by a dangerous cholera epidemic, 2 Section are tasked with protecting Inspector Chowdhrey (Navin Chowdhry) who is now a key witness in bringing down the leaders of the drug gang. Horrified when a particularly gruesome message is sent demanding his silence, the Inspector fears for his family’s safety and refuses to cooperate.

When Georgie (Michelle Keegan) suspects that Barsha knows more than she has previously let on, she hatches a plan to persuade Inspector Chowdhrey to make a full statement. However disaster strikes when the couple’s young son, Sumon, (Imran Khan) is kidnapped by the gang and it falls to Georgie to get the child back.

Meanwhile, fellow medic Ruby (Patrick McNamee) catches cholera whilst treating patients in the camp.