Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Hafdis Huld To Release New Single 'Violet' On 10th August + UK Tour Announced

Widely regarded as a stand-out song from Hafdis Huld’s current album ‘Dare to Dream Small’, new single ‘Violet’ is remixed by co-writer and Grammy award winning writer/producer Tim Gordine. Pulsing yet subtle beats provide a dark brooding underscore to Hafdis’s trademark mixture of light and shade. A series of exquisite hooks deliver an ethereal and emotional call to arms.

Championing inner strength, confidence and peace, the song tracks the journey to self-empowerment for a selfie generation riddled with anxiety. In capturing the moment where we lose our childish self without our fully-formed adult self firmly in place, she reminds us that we project
our strongest identity to the outside world when we’re the most lost.

Hafdis explains: “Growing up can be hard but at least my generation didn’t have the constant comparison with every teenager in the world with a phone. Our photos captured a moment, they weren’t posed selfies that we got right after 20 attempts and with an added beauty filter. I’ve watched someone I love almost lose herself along this path before coming out the other side.”

Released through Red Grape Music, ‘Violet’ captures a painful moment in everyone’s lives and reminds us there is light at the end of the tunnel.

2018 UK Tour Dates:

9th Nov Leeds, Severn Arts
10th Nov Liverpool, Phil Music Room
12th Nov London, Water Rats
14th Nov Kettering, Arts Centre
15th Nov Winchester, Discovery
16th Nov Birmingham, Artrix

‘Her voice is perfect and beautiful like snow or ice crystals’ - Northern Sky magazine

‘Huld’s sublime voice (is) purer than a mountain
stream and brimming with hope’ Music OMH