Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Eva Bids Farewell To Coronation Street

It's the week of the inquest into Aidan Connor's death next week, as the baby Susie drama comes to a head and Eva Price bids farewell to the street.

For a brief reminder, after mediation talks went south, Johnny Connor made the rash decision to kidnap his granddaughter out of fear that Eva Price would keep her away from him. With his family beside themselves with worry, Johnny reached out to Liz for support, only for her to contact the police and hand Susie safely back over to her mother

This weeks Coronation Street sees Eva struggling in the aftermath of that drama and there is more to come next week at the inquest into Aidan's death.

Monday sees Johnny finds himself bereft at the thought of never seeing his granddaughter again, and Wednesday's first visit to the street sees Jenny encouraging her husband not to stop fighting for the factory. Johnny appears to take these words to heart as the second visit to the street sees him determined to make sure Eva comes to the inquest so he can see Susie one last time.

The inquest sees both Johnny and Eva taking to the stand, with the Connor's all watching on with great interest as Eva gives evidence.

(Picture: ITV)

Once the inquest is over Eva and Kate are united in their love for Aidan. Though Toyah begs Eva to stay, she declines, believing it's in everyone's best interests for her to leave. Before she does bow out though, Johnny does apologize for snatching Susie.

(Picture: ITV)
You will of course have to tune in for the full details of the inquest, but next Friday does mark her final appearance as it was revealed late last year that Catherine Tyldesley was bowing out of the ITV soap.