Monday, 9 July 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Heartbreaking Choices"

Monday's double bill saw Sean's struggles continue, as he continued to keep his friends and neighbours in the dark over his dire situation. With Roy not in need of any help at the cafe, Sean attempted to tap Liz up for somewhere to sleep. At first she offered him her couch, but things quickly went downhill. With Sean still desperate for work, Toyah offered him shifts at the Rovers and Liz walked in to once again plead her case. It didn't get her anywhere and Sean was the one who paid the price as Toyah revealed Sean was replacing Liz on the staff.

In case you need a recap she was fired after breaching patient confidentiality and telling Johnny about how baby Susie was being abused and neglected. It seems a bit of an extreme reaction to take back the offer of a couch over something that was her own making.

Toyah attempts to plead Sean's case but Liz is more interested in her tirade and accusing Sean of betraying her. Even though Toyah points out she's the one who makes the decision and is the one deciding Liz isn't coming back, she just won't hear it. It does though seem rather odd that Sean is on the phone in the Rovers calling around for somewhere to sleep, Toyah can witness the phone call and yet nothing registers to her or any of the punters about his dire situation. Considering he kept interrupting his shift to call people for a bed and she had to keep berating him, I don't quite understand how Toyah of all people couldn't tell Sean was lying.

At the hospital Jack's condition continued to deteriorate. With the medication not working, Jack was fast running out of options to prevent his foot being amputated. Sophie was quick to inform Kevin that she's intending to sue the medical centre for neglect and missing the symptoms of Jack's treatment, proclaiming they'd need all the help they could get with Jack's care. Being the only level headed person in this whole situation, Kevin quickly put a stop to that. The only thing he's rightly interested in is Jack getting better. Being an ambulance chaser, suing the NHS and pound signs is the furthest thing from his mind and Sophie would do well to heed her father's advice.

Maria's secret hairdressing business kicked off tonight, with Angie showing off her new hairstyle. Tracey was extremely quick to realize something was amiss and Angie was forced to admit Maria had done the job secretly. Maria being forced into going behind Audrey's back is a little silly.

She was completely right to point out Audrey has to move with the times, and given how long she has worked at the salon, it is logical she'd want to invest. Audrey refusing to and maria's moon-lighting smacks of pigheadedness. But we were treated to Tracey giving Mary some advice on how to lie. Next lesson, stealing!

Whilst Audrey dished out some unwelcome business advice, Tracey was quick to take advantage of Maria's moonlighting and set up an appointment with her. Tracey and Maria exchanged some barbs over Audrey, who later questioned why exactly Tracey had been looking for Maria. I think Maria might need to sign up to Tracey's school of liars if she's going to continue with moonlighting.

Duncan continued to put the pressure on Sally to release the funds for the charity. Tim is still extremely skeptical of his motives, not exactly interested in Duncan's sob story and of course Duncan was hovering in the background as Tim gave his wife some advice. Of course Duncan was then ready and waiting for a sit down with Sally who revealed to his disappointment she'll be stepping down from the committee. With time against him, Duncan pleaded for just one more day and then everything would be sorted and of course Sally agreed whilst airing her fears over Jack's condition. Adding in a touch of reverse psychology, Duncan offered to step away from the campaign if it eased Sally's workload. Sally dismissed Tim's concerns over Duncan as jealousy, because that is what Sally does. Always wanting to be a caring person, and then snapping at Tim to leave. She is very much going to regret this.

It was also time for Sophie vs Rana part 2. Sophie again approached Rana full on the attack, proclaiming the medical centre don't care, are just in it for the money and Rana looked as though she wanted to full on whoop Sophie's butt. But just as the two kept getting closer and closer, with Sophie's voice rising higher and higher, she broke down in Rana's arms. It's clear that her anger with the medical centre is something to occupy her as she struggles with her guilt and sadness over what's happened to Jack, and I won't deny it was a nice moment as they talked things through.

Rana completely understood Sophie was just upset and struggling with everything that has happened, and feeling as though it happened because of her. Rana reiterated it is extremely hard to spot symptoms of sepsis but what happened isn't Sophie's fault and in turn Sophie accepted lashing out at Rana was wrong. Would I still have liked a scene with Kate going full pelt at Sophie for daring to attack her lil bean? Of course, but I'll lap up the friendship scenes where I can.

Talking things through with Rana gives Sophie a bit of clarity and she reveals to Kevin that she's dropped the case against the medical centre, but more bad news is on the horizon. They're told that Jack's leg has to be amputated to stop the infection spreading any further. Kevin is understandably horrified by this, not wanting to subject a child to such an ordeal and demands a second opinion.

The cavalry quickly gathered at the hospital to comfort Kevin and Sophie, with the Consulting reiterating they have no choice but to amputate. It was quite an emotional scene between Sophie and Kevin as she attempted to comfort him over the decision he had to make. It is quite a hobson's choice between taking away your child's leg or leaving them to die. Coronation Street have sought to bring awareness to sepsis with this storyline, particularly the fact it is extremely difficult to diagnose, and taking away Ali's involvement the storyline has been good.

In a particularly heartbreaking moment Kevin broke down and apologized to Jack for what was going to happen to him. Kevin fretted over whether Jack was aware of what was happening and Sally consoled him. Apart from its comedic aspects one of the great things about Coronation Street is its family units. Kevin and Tim are best friends despite Kevin being Sally's ex, Faye is there though she has no real reason to be, likewise Sally's sister and Dev. Even if they're not all family by blood, they're family by the connection they have with each other, and all there to act as a support system to Kevin during this heartbreaking time and help Sophie with her feelings of guilt and sorrow for what's going to happen to her half brother. That feeling of guilt really isn't going to be helped by Kevin blaming Sophie for what's happened to Jack, and she had to unfortunately overhear Kevin question her child caring skills and berate the fact he should've been with Jack.

Something I could've done without is Neil and Kayla. At the cafe she brushes off Bethany's attempts to be nice and is soon visiting her father in prison, where she swears Bethany's name into the sun. Neil however isn't really impressed with the progress that Kayla has been making, and Kayla isn't impressed by her father's lack of gratitude. Having to be around Bethany and Craig is something that she can only just bear to tolerate, and changing gear, her father fills her ears with poison about how horrible Bethany is. He wants Kayla to be smart and let the system deal with her, and more importantly keep away from Bethany. You already know that's not going to happen.

Bethany meanwhile is trying to continue her romance with Ryan, who is continuing to blackmail Sarah. Bethany is continuing to try and be supportive of Craig's relationship with Kayla. Craig was also trying to be supportive of Bethany with Neil's appeal still on her mind. Craig has got Kayla firmly on his mind as she backs out of a date much to Craig's devastation. Craig soon spots Kayla leaving work and is devastated as she reveals she's packed in her job and their relationship is done. He doesn't at all understand where any of this has come from.