Friday, 27 July 2018

Charlie Hole Releases New Single 'Someone Else's Dream'

Hold on to the dreams of Charlie Hole

Born and raised in the coastal town of Bournemouth, UK, Charlie Hole is nowadays one of the most exciting young singer-songwriters around. With a brave and honest voice, tackling relatable subject matters for all audiences, he has already been coined by Rod Stewart as an emerging talent with a gift for writing 'beautiful songs’. One can hear influences of Matt Simons, Rod Stewart, James Bay en John Mayer.

After a chance meeting with well-respected guitarist and producer Jim Cregan (Rod Stewart, Katie Melua, Family), the pair began working closely together, with Jim mentoring Charlie and teaching him about the world of songwriting while always pushing him to develop his own style and sound.

The second single from his upcoming album Beautiful Decay is here now.

Charlie about his new single Someone Else´s Dream:

"There’s an old quote that says, “If you don’t follow your own dreams, you’ll end up following someone else’s”, and there was a certain point in my life where I felt like I wasn’t staying true to what I wanted to do. I wrote Someone Else’s Dream whilst driving away from a particularly bad gig in the early hours of the morning. There’s something about a long drive at night that helps with self-reflection, and I was trying to work out what it was I was trying to achieve, and questioning whether I wanted to do this to myself anymore. I felt like I was stuck, like I wasn’t getting anywhere, I wasn’t moving forwards and that’s where the doubt crept in.

The song is about resilience; holding on to your dreams and not giving up in the face of adversity. I suppose at it’s heart, it’s about staying true to your own dreams, and not following someone else’s."

"This guy's got potential" - Rod Stewart

"Charlie keeps getting better, evolving as a songwriter" - Steve Harley

Someone Else´s Dream is released this week and available for purchase/streaming on all known digital platforms.