Friday, 13 July 2018

Ariana Grandes Releases 'God is a woman' Music Video

The lyrics video for the song only dropped 12 hours ago, but Ariana Grande is the type of Artist who feeds her fans well, and she's done so again by dropping the music video for 'God is a woman'.

The video was directed by Dave Meyers and plays into the universal elements of the song, as Ariana Grande and her fellow women reign supreme over the universe. They're striking down a vengeance against anyone who dares to poison the sisterhood against each other, and it's an extremely artistic and creative video, tackling many different themes whilst references different art forms. For example the closing scene is a reference to Michael Angelo's 'Creation of Adam' painting, which is displayed in the Sistine Chapel.

You can click play on the video below and the song is available to stream and download now.