Friday, 13 July 2018

Allie X, Little Mix + Cheat Codes, Meg Myers & Sigrid Are Our New Music Friday Picks

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the look out for the freshest music, be it for our playlists or our dear readers and in #NewMusicFriday we're bringing you the biggest hits released this week!

This weeks #NewMusicFriday unintentionally has a girl power theme to it, and I of course have to begin with Allie X. She released 'Not so Bad In LA' (NSBILA for short) in the early hours of Friday morning (at least for us Brits). It's yet another fantastic song musically, whilst also having some dark undertones to it lyrically. It's all about taking a look at the industry and how it treats people. Everyone loves to dream the great dream of making it big, but no-one really focuses on what happens once your 15 minutes are up, and you're replaced by the next hottest star. The chorus is of course catchy as hell, this song will get stuck in your head, at 2:50 seconds it is a little on the short side, but that will not stop me from lapping this up.

At CONTROLRadioUK we have indeed now reached a point where as soon as songs by particular Artists are released, everyone is prepared for the inevitability of an article being created in some form. Meg Myers does have an album "Take Me To The Disco" which will be released next Friday and 'Tourniquet' serves as another excellent pre-album single. It's once again another heartbreaker tackling the subject of relationships, knowing that you need to give a relationship up but being unable to. If you know what a tourniquet actually is, then you'll know that this song is quite genius lyrically. Meg Myers is the type of artist who never disapoints with her music, and it is an absolute joy to listen to her.

What a BOP! Sigrid is one of those singers I find to be hit and miss. Some of the stuff she releases isn't exactly to my taste, and then she releases bangers like this which I can't stop dancing to. 'Schedules' is a fun, lighthearted pop song from start to finish, and most definitely the type of song you'll be breaking the replay button on. The song is once again tackling the matters of relationships, and the heart growing fonder even with the distance of not seeing each other regularly. Just enjoy dancing to it and getting the song stuck in your head, because this will be ruling the airwaves for months to come.

No your eyes are not deceiving you and yes you have read and seen this collab with Cheat Codes featured here before. Normally once we have featured a song in a #NewMusicFriday edition it never features again, but we're making a special case with 'Only You' because of the music video. An LGBT music video is a music video that I will always adore and CONTROLRadioUK HQ feels the same, even if Little Mix aren't to their taste. The 'Only You' music video sees a mermaid crash a party, and fall for a girl who is somewhat ignored by the rest of her peers. Of course said mermaid is eventually outed as a mermaid and has to go back off to sea. But it's still an LGBT music video, that is clear on the fact it is LGBT themed, instead of relying on viewers to get the subtext. Fans of Little Mix have been crying out for an LGBT themed video ever since the band gave us 'Secret Love Song' and the part 2 of it. At the time there were rumors of an LGBT video being filmed for the Jason Derulo collab, but for reasons unknown that was scrapped. Our beautiful mermaid love story does also play quite well into the theme of the song, it has wonderful cinematography, directing and actresses.