Friday, 29 June 2018

Years & Years, OneRepublic, Meg Myers & Axwell /\ Ingrosso & RØMANS Are Our #NewMusicFriday Picks

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we are always on the look out for the best music, be it for playlisting or bringing to you lovely readers and in #NewMusicFriday we're bringing you some of the best songs released this week.

I do love a good dance song, and Axwell /\ Ingrosso have more than delivered here. 'Dancing Alone' is a fantastic song from start to finish. It features vocals from RØMANS and the chorus is absolutely sublime. I will say though when it comes to the dance genre, I much prefer the pure instrumental dance-floor smashes to songs featuring vocalists. Pure instrumentals just flow better naturally, and sometimes with vocalists the lyrics can feel a little repetitive since the focus is on the music. Thankfully that repetitiveness was avoided here and this song will be rooted to my playlist for the next week at the very least, and should definitely be on weekend party playlists.

Last week we were fed well with Little Mix and Cheat Codes releasing their collab 'Only You' and of course the Panic! At The Disco album. This week we've been fed just as well with OneRepublic releasing this beauty 'Connection'. It sounds fresh, has immense replay value, is a little different to some of the songs they've released in the past, and is all the more better for it. The chorus will be stuck in your head after the first listen, I adore how it just explodes, and lyrically OneRepublic never disappoint. Truly the only complaint I can have is that at 2:28 it is far too short.

THIS. IS. LIT. Like my word, this is an absolute pop-tastic stomper of a song. Years & Years release their new album "Palo Santo" next Friday and I absolutely cannot wait. All of their pre-album singles have in one way or another been absolutely terrific, but 'All For You' truly is the best of them all. It's just got such a feel good, disco, dance vibe to it musically, whilst telling quite a deep, heartbreaking story lyrically. The way it starts off so softly, almost luring us into a false sense of security before exploding and keeping that tempo up is just wonderful to listen to and we are truly being spoiled this week.

I honestly do not know how this woman does it, but she just keeps on slaying. After delivering a Pop/Rock anthem in 'Numb', Meg Myers slowed the pace down a little with 'Take Me To The Disco' which basically ripped my heart out because it is so devastatingly beautiful. 'Jealous Sea' ups the pace just that little bit to deliver the most beautiful Pop/Rock ballad I've heard all year. The way that it starts off, and just hauntingly builds and builds throughout the song is incredible. It's just got THAT type of sound to it musically that you can't turn off and can't help constantly replaying, and then the lyrics. It's just so dark, broody, emotional and of course powerful. I know I've said it a lot but it is something that bears repeating; Meg Myers is criminally under-rated. She's got such an excellent voice as a vocalist, excellent mind as a songwriter, and the emotion she pours into her music videos is on a completely different level to most of the music we hear on mainstream.

Some other tidbits:

Florence + The Machine's new album "High As Hope" was released today. It should absolutely be compulsory listening because it is a fabulous album that I've listened to around 4 times now & will probably listen to another 4 over the weekend. Pre-album singles are obviously quite good, but 'Patricia' and '100 Years' are my stand-out album songs.

How on earth did it take me until 3am this morning to have heard Tom Walker's 'Leaving A Light On' for the first time? The song came out 8 months ago. I have never once heard it anywhere and this completely baffles me because it is a LIT tune, as the 53 million and counting views on Youtube shall inform you.

You probably know of Priyanka Chopra as an actress on ABC's soon to leave our screens for good 'Quantico'. Well now you can enjoy knowing that she had an extremely brief singing career where she made such bops as 'In My City' featuring Will.I.Am

Whilst they're not included above, Paramore dropped the music video for 'Caught In The Middle' this week and Panic! At The Disco dropped 'Hey Look Ma, I Made It' for those who fancy watching an extremely naughty muppet.