Sunday, 3 June 2018

PreCog Drop Thought-Provoking New Video For Compete

PreCog drop thought-provoking new video for Compete

Nashville-based dark electronic band PreCog have released a video for their track Compete, from their recent sophomore album Pareidolia. An introspective and heart-wrenching ballad, Compete is a powerful testament to the band’s ability to create accessible yet thought-provoking electronic music with a soul.

The video’s director and the band’s guitarist Bret Pemelton describes the inspiration for the visuals:

“As a photographer I'm always looking for the conceptual angle with my portraits. With video I like to wrap it all around a simple theme. Especially as i'm pulling favors with cast and crew. So I went with a literal take on the song’s title. I liked the idea of this mystical female person arriving out of nowhere and manipulates the, seemingly disconnected, young couple to resort to their primal instincts. The final scene shows the couple, in a defeated posture, approaching and mounting an Olympic type podium, both at equal heights at opposite sides. The torch bearing mystical woman rises as the victor. Like two warring factions, countries and ideologies that seek to decimate the other, there's never really any winners. Justice raises her torch to illuminate this ugly truth.”

Compete and the album Pareidolia are available on all major streaming and digital platforms, as well as direct from the band’s label AnalogueTrash.