Friday, 15 June 2018

Nicky Rogalsky Releases New Single 'Obsession' + Music Video

Nicky Rogalsky is a burgeoning talent within Australian music today. She is an indie acoustic singer-songwriter based in Melbourne who prides herself on using emotive & biographical lyrics to connect with her audience.

Her unique voice and distinctive twang has heads turning, where some say she is reminiscent of artists such as Australia’s Missy Higgins.

Written in 2017, produced by Daniel Booth and Tony Haven, Obsession is an acoustic pop song based on an outsider’s perspective of a toxic relationship. The song is about being so obsessed with the possibly of loving someone, you disregard what you deserve.

This young Australian song-writer is one to keep an eye on, Nicky plans to continue writing and expressing herself through her lyrics. “I write the truth, my songs reflect my feelings”.

Nicky continues to work closely with musician Tony Haven, who has created a name for himself as a lap tapping guitarist based just outside Gwithian beach in Cornwall.

Nicky’s passion for music started in her early years, later attending Northern College of the Arts and Technology in 2016, where her song writing developed to a professional level. During this period, she worked with multiple musicians and performed shows at venues such as Federation square. In the same year, she released her first EP – Perspectives (2016) to national acclaim.

Following the success of Nicky’s EP, she has since released several singles that have evolved in song craft and lyrical sensibilities.

For Fans Of: Missy Higgins | James Bay | Lily Allen

‘Obsession’ will be in Digital Stores on the 15th of June.