Friday, 22 June 2018

Little Mix & Cheat Codes, Years & Years, Alessia Cara & Panic! At The Disco Are Our #NewMusicFriday Picks

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the look out for the hottest tunes, be it for our playlist or articles and in #NewMusicFriday we're bringing you some of the best new songs released this week!

No your eyes are again not deceiving you! This is indeed a brand new track from Little Mix. Granted it's another collab this time with Cheat Codes and I'm a rare Brit who doesn't care at all for Love Island (sorry but I'm just not big on reality shows). Is any of that gonna stop me from eating this song up? Absolutely not! Little Mix released the superb "Glory Days" all the way back in 2016. They released a deluxe edition of the album last year which had a couple of new songs, but when you've gotten used to them pushing albums out nearly every year? 2 years feels like a lifetime. Granted they did release 3 singles last year but again! When you're used to a constant flow of new music, having the well dry up slightly makes you really thirsty. Thankfully 'Only You' is a superb track. Nothing about it feels at all redundant. The music is absolutely beautiful, sure the lyrics are a bit basic in places, but I can completely deal with that because they all sound great. None of us know exactly when Little Mix 5 will be coming, we just know they're working on it and it'll probably be fantastic because all of their music is.

One band whose album is do have full details on? Years & Years. In case you need a reminder though "Palo Santo" the album is due out on 6th July and continuing the run-up to it, they've released the title track 'Palo Santo' and this song is absolutely beautiful. Years & Years are a great band capable of producing some of the most beautiful music that Pop can be gifted with, and if there's one thing they really know how to do well? It's ballads. They just nail the music, lyrics and emotions of it every time and this is no exception. The change in note and musical shift as the song reaches its climax is just incredible. Judging by the pre-album singles I absolutely cannot wait for the album's release!

Two artists this week have released extremely heart felt and emotional songs. The first so to speak was Demi Lovato releasing 'Sober' which basically ripped my heart to pieces. Given what the song is about though it didn't really feel appropriate to feature it here but I absolutely encourage everyone to listen to it. Alessia Cara is an extremely talented singer and songwriter and 'Growing Pains' is an extremely heartfelt song with a message that will resonate with everyone. The video superbly echoes the message of the song and there is a high chance you will finish listening to this in tears because the emotions are very much strong with this one (and yes, that is indeed a small Star Wars reference because I love my Jedi jokes)

In case you somehow skipped the notification PANIC! AT THE DISCO'S NEW ALBUM IS NOW OUT FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT! We'll have a review of the album coming for you if I can tear myself away from the World Cup long enough (every game has been a cracker so far so sorry! but I have my priorities in the right place). 'King Of The Clouds' was the final pre-album single released at the beginning of the week and it's magnificent. Musically it's absolutely wonderful mixing up a few different genres which I always adore, the guitar string I could basically have injected into my veins and be set for life, Brendon's vocals are once again on top form, and lyrically the song is brilliant. I just love the way it all explodes into the chorus, it's basically musical heaven.