Friday, 1 June 2018

Coronation Street Review: "To The Death"

We are finally here! The end of Corrie's BGT special week. And that's not the only thing that ended tonight.

The action picked right back up at Eileen's where Phelan had unfortunately accidentally shot his own daughter. We're also treated to another 2 second shot of Rana in her gorgeous dress as the guests wait for Michelle and Robert's wedding to actually happen. Robert apologizies for the delay which should really be a 5 day delay, because this truly has been the longest wedding in soap history.

Jenny is of course sad Johnny's not here for the wedding, but they're all soon stopped in their tracks by Phelan barging into the Bistro carrying Nicola and demanding emergency help. Gary, Sarah and Anna arrive at Eileen's to survey the chaos left behind. Meanwhile at the Bistro Nurse Rana and Doctor Ali are straight to Nicola's side, whilst Phelan is still waving a gun around and threatening to shoot Michelle. No-one miss the sight of Kate starting off at the back of the Bistro, face dropping petrified at Nurse Rana in action and she's soon joining the chaos because she ain't gonna let her bae Rana be in danger.

With Phelan taking phones, lavishing a gun around and everyone repeating that Nicola needs help, he wants a hostage to keep them all quiet and make sure Nicola is treated. He eventually settles upon Michelle which carla and Robert are devastated by and can only standby helplessly as he takes her into the kitchen, and clearly Steve trying to snog her isn't the worth thing happening on Michelle's wedding day.

Since it is now the end of the week the police have of course now descended onto the street, and Gary's soon filling them in on events.

And then because tonight really does mean business, Michelle puts up a fight against Phelan in the kitchen, he shoots her and Anna stabs him. WHY DID WE HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL FRIDAY FOR ALL OF THIS TO HAPPEN?! THIS WEEK WOULD'VE BEEN A BILLION TIMES BETTER IF ALL THIS ACTION HAD KICKED OFF A HECK OF A LOT EARLIER!!

Anna Windass being the one to stab Phelan is extremely therapeutic and completely deserved. Michelle getting shot is rather unfortunate, but hey! We've gotta keep the tension up. Robert and carla are soon rushing to Michelle's side with Carla completely and utterly devastated for her best friend's fate because Carchelle will forever live. Ali is soon treating her and Phelan's pretty happy that Anna will be going down for murder, because with him it is always about getting the upper hand and dragging people down to his level. For Anna going down would be absolutely worth it, but Michelle is more than willing to back her corner and claim it to be self defense for the sake of all of Phelan's victims. Anna takes great joy in telling Phelan people like him don't get to win in the end, and how she's going to get to know their grand son.

Honestly bringing her back for tonight's episode was a stroke of genius. If anyone deserved to be responsible for Phelan's downfall it's her. The armed police have taken control of the scene, and as Gail correctly deduces it is all going on today! Gosh I love when dramas get all meta on us!

Josh is soon back on the street to taunt David over the rape and David warns him if he rapes anyone else, he will be there waiting to jump on the evidence and points out Phelan thought he was invincible and now he's very much not. After a whole week of build-up Michelle and Robert's wedding is very much not to be. The apparent explanation for Anna being around is she was released early from prison. The how's and the why's don't really matter at this point, everyone is in too much shock and disbelief over what's transpired to care. Anna does though pop in to see Eileen, informing her that Phelan is dead but Eileen isn't too sure about that and who can blame her? Guy survived falling off a cliff! Eileen does though offer apologies to Anna for what she's been through, and it's a really lovely moment between the two characters who have both been victims of Phelan's in different ways.

Anna takes a few moments of reflection for the person that Phelan has turned them into, and doesn't want either of them to turn out as bad as Phelan has. He's murdered, he's abused, he's raped, he's manipulated, but at the end of the day? They're the ones left standing not him.

Following on from that is Gail pouring her heart out to Shona about everything that David has been through. She feels absolutely terrible, and that's a feeling that will probably stay for a while. But like with Phelan, they are all still standing and that's a great message to take away from the week.

This final episode was a bit of a saving grace of an extremely dull week. It just really is a shame that it took until today for things to actually be interesting. The fallout from Phelan will obviously carry on into next week. Michelle isn't quite out of the woods yet and neither is Nicola. Anna's return is very much a quick stop as she decides to leave the street again, with too much have happened for her to be able to stay. With Faye unhappy over her leaving, she decides to join Anna much to Tim's sadness. Whether it is just a temporary exit for Faye or not, it is right for both of the characters for now at least to leave together.

The final shot of the night goes to the residents watching Phelan be driven off in a body bag, but this is Coronation Street. Give it 5 years and he'll be returning from the dead in a Halloween Special!