Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Atari Pilot Release Video For Cutting Room Floor

Atari Pilot – Songs for the struggle

'Change the rules of the game, take the face from the name, trade the soul for the fame...I'm an Atari Pilot.'

After a long hiatus which took in a serious illness, Atari Pilot finally returns in 2018 starting with a set at the Swindon shuffle in July.

"Following a battle with cancer I've never been more excited and grateful to be able to play and create music. it really feels like my best days are ahead. I had such amazing support from people during my illness it was humbling. I feel like I'm on a mission to spread a positive energy and message to as many people as I can.”

“Atari Pilot is the sound of someone searching for something or someone, trying to the put the pieces together to escape or overcome whatever they struggle against.”

“The songs are a like series of film scenes, where we're in that particular moment at that particular time, trying to come out on top against the odds and wondering what it's going to cost us.”

“I hope the songs can inspire people to keep up the fight, to believe in themselves and the people around them, that's the message I'm trying to send, I’m on your side and in your corner.”

2018 will see the relaunch of the debut album, acoustic sets and full band shows beginning in the Autumn.
Cutting Room Floor marks the debut music video, with more releases planned.