Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Ariahindream Releases Debut Single 'Forever'

Indietronica singer, songwriter and electronic music producer Ariahindream announces debut single release

Listen to Forever here: https://soundcloud.com/ariahindream/forever/s-tjXpp

Ariahindream offers her own revolutionary brand of indietronica via alternative R&B. With strong experimental influence and demonstrating an undeniably individual flair, her debut self-produced single Forever is set for independent release on Friday 1 June 2018.


All things considered, Ariahindream’s is truly music unlike any heard before.

Mixed by Lee Avant (FKA twigs)- Forever offers an unorthodox, raw, and calming sonic experience unfolding unpredictably over time. Minimal in nature yet maximal in emotion- from shimmering synths and ambient textures, to sparse beats and thick sub bass- the polarized elements that make up Forever are tied together by her often jazzy, at times operatic vocal. Her debut self-produced EP inDream – home to Forever and the second single release to follow- is due out in September 2018. Whether millennial or centennial, Ariahindream is an artist you need to know, first.

Endorsements “A fantastic new vocalist and electronic producer…”, Archspace London

“A special and skillful artist…”, Cheers to the Vikings

“A well-crafted and melancholic indietronica song…”, Zero Music Mag

Ariahindream is a London-based singer, songwriter and electronic music producer. A mysteriously sultry and captivating creator of audiovisual performance art, her music can be described as indietronica via alternative, often otherworldly R&B; with strong experimental influence and an undeniably individual flair. Citing the works of Prince, Kate Bush, and Bjork as her "holy trinity of artistry"; her many diverse influences accumulate into a sound that is distinctly and uniquely her own.

Through the surrealist sonic shape of her production work, partnered with her versatile, acrobatic three octave vocal range, Ariahindream has developed an uncanny ability to convey and evoke human emotion through her artistry.

While her debut EP inDream, due in September 2018, deals with themes of self-exploration and analysis derived from combining tales of Celtic mythology with African folklore; of its upcoming single release Forever, Ariahindream cites: “Forever is a complicated number. As part of inDream, it represents a single stage in a process of self-discovery that develops over each track. Forever focuses on introspectively questioning a personal state of being. It scrutinises the ways in which a chosen outlook effects the quality and experience of life. It mourns the consequences of stagnancy”.

As even a moment with her music will show, Ariahindream’s music, partnered with her highly individual approach to concept based performance art, is truly unlike anything seen or heard before. Her live work, often performed alone, utilizes a minimal electronic set up and live vocals that manifest into a maximally captivating and deeply emotive experience. Having recently completed a string of gigs, including a support slot for Tunisian songstress and protest artist Emel Mathlouthi at the Archspace London, a further string of live performances are to be announced. ‘Til then, a word to the wise. Be there when Ariahindream releases her sonically stratospheric and unpredictably unfolding Forever on 1 June 2018. Connect via her social media channels, @ariahindream, and keep a weather eye out for subsequent video, photo, and gig releases. And whatever you do, do not miss the release of inDream- an EP truly unlike any heard before- when it descends upon us in September 2018. Whether millennial or centennial, Ariahindream is an artist you need to know, first.

Facebook: @ariahindream
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Youtube: @OrnellaHardie
Soundcloud: @ariahindream