Monday, 18 June 2018

Aly & AJ, Bebe Rexha, Tove Lo, Troye Sivan + Ariana Grande & Miligram ft Severina Are Our Music Monday Picks

Here at CONTROLRadioUK HQ we're always on the look-out for great music. Be it #NewMusicFriday, #5Songs and of course #MusicMonday, we're bringing you the best new music released and you are completely welcome!

Where else can I start but with Aly & AJ? Every time they announce new music is coming it is a good day, and 'Good Love' more than delivers. Their new music is bathed in 80's synth pop and I absolutely love it. Given we are into summer the airwaves are basically being taken over by tropical EDM beats a little bit more than they already were, so it's extremely difficult for music that doesn't sound generic to cut through all of that noise but the likes of Aly & AJ, Allie X and Meg Myers all do it so effortlessly. I love the musical break towards the songs climax, I love the message of the song, I love that even after repeated listens it doesn't sound boring, and I love when Aly & AJ release new music (I may have mentioned that once or twice but it's something that deserves repeating).

Tove Lo released an absolutely fantastic album in "Blue Lips" last year. I had intended to review it because it is just so damn good, still glued to my playlist and I love her music, but sometimes things just don't work out. 'Bitches' is one of my favourite songs on the album so when that gets released as a single? Pretty chuffed. When it's then announced the single is gonna be a collab with Charli XCX, Icona Pop, ALMA and Elliphant? I was completely and utterly slayed. Then when you produce a video like this? Basically music videos are henceforth cancelled because no-one is ever topping this. As I always say with collabs, it's about making sure that none of the Artists over-power each other, and that's difficult enough to do with a collab between 2 Artists but roping in FOUR others to take different parts of the song? That's near enough impossible to pull off and yet here we are. And not to go throwing shade around, but THIS is how you pull off an iconic, un-problematic collaboration. The video very much keeps in with the theme of the songs message which is also extremely important to me because I'm one for storytelling, and I absolutely love the ending.

Troye Sivan is an Artist capable of producing bops. Ariana Grande is an Artist capable of producing bops. So when these two come together on a song called 'Dance To This'? You're expecting it to be a bop and anything less is a complete and utter disappointment that we don't acknowledge. Thankfully I can report it is very much a bop, and another fine example of a collaboration done right. Neither Artist overpowers the other, which could've happened quite easily considering the vocal talents Ariana has. The music is soft enough as to not over-power them either, but also stands on its own two feet, and goes somewhere. Would I have preferred the music to just be a tad stronger? Sure, but that's just because I'm a person that loves listening to really powerful dance music. You can still very much do as instructed and dance to this, and I'd be extremely surprised if this song isn't already rooted to party playlists.

Forgive my tardiness on being late to the Bebe Rexha train, but this girl has a great voice and 'I'm A Mess' is a fantastic song. Massive sample running throughout which is constantly getting me confused between this song and another on my playlist, but take nothing away from it. The song has an extremely interesting message to it which I think a lot of people will be able to emphasize with. As I say I am very much late to the Bebe Rexha train because some of the songs she's released haven't exactly been my cup of tea, but she is great and her debut album "Expectations" comes out this Friday which you can pre-order right now!

Somewhat leaving the best until last, this song comes to you through a recommendation from a friend who is very much opening my eyes up to the type of quality non English language music that is out there. I've already dipped my toes into a bit of Latin America and Spanish music, and now I'm broadening my horizon's by listening to some quality Serbian music and of course this number. It's yet another collaboration this time between Miligram & Severina and 'Od Leta Do Leta (Od Ljeta Do Ljeta' is one heck of a bop. The reason why music reunites so many of us around the world is because it's a universal language. I don't need to understand a word of this song to be able to enjoy the beats and get that chorus stuck in my head. The video is also extremely pretty to look at which I also appreciate.