Friday, 1 June 2018

Allie X, Meg Myers, MNEK & Hailee Steinfeld and The 1975 Are Our New Music Friday Picks

Attempting to control fangirling is extremely difficult so let me just get this out of my system; ALLIE X IS BACK WITH A BRAND NEW SINGLE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, YOUR EYES ARE NOT DECEIVING YOU!! Allie X is also a rare Artist incapable of producing a bad song, and that's not fangirling it's just stating facts. She's also extremely under-rated like many an Artist, so when we are blessed with new music? You have to savor it up (and also gush about it but that goes without saying). From the teasers released I knew that 'Focus' would be a bop because again! Incapable of producing bad music. But 'Focus' is not only a bop, it's a fantastic summer chill bop. It's got some lovely beats on it that the rest of CONTROLRadioUK HQ loves, and the lyrics are as heartfelt and poignant as always.

Thanks to paying attention to social media, yesterday I became aware that Allie X was releasing 'Focus' and that was great. Thanks to not paying attention to social media, I had no idea Meg Myers released 'Take Me To The Disco' until I was informed this morning. It's an absolute beaut. Meg Myers is another Artist who is under-rated, and another Artist incapable of producing a bad song. Her up tempo numbers are fantastic and her ballads will rip your heart in two. Given how much new music is released every year, it's extremely difficult for Artist to cut through that pollution and deliver such heart felt songs, that stay with you long after they've finished. Yet Meg Myers does it every time. There's not really words to describe why 'Take Me To The Disco' is so good and I love when songs leave me speechless. The lyrics are just absolutely perfect in how devastating beautiful they are, and I'm pretty sure if the single does get a video, I'm going to cry a waterfall. For those unaware the album "Take Me To The Disco" is out on the 20th July and you can pre-order it now.

This weeks New Music Friday is one of THE best New Music Friday's we've had this year. Given how much 'Tongue' grew on me and quickly became a favorite, I had no doubt when this collaboration was first announced that the song would be LIT. It's such a chilled song with such easy going, uplifting lyrics and MNEK & Hailee Steinfeld fit together so perfectly on the track, which is a key mark of success for any collab. And another key part of success for any song is that it actually goes somewhere, which this most certainly does whilst never over powering their vocals. It might certainly be a grey day, but this song is most definitely bringing 'Colour' to your life (I know, terrible pun!)

Finishing this weeks #NewMusicFriday is of course The 1975's new single 'Give Yourself A Try'. I only recently remembered to add them back to my playlist and as a result have been listening to 'Somebody Else' and 'The Sound' pretty much non stop, since they're both certifiable bops. 'Give Yourself A Try' has very much joined them on repeat. It's to an extent a return to the bands pop sound and they've also announced their new album "A Brief Inquiry Into Online relationships" will be coming later this year. I cannot wait!