Monday, 28 May 2018

Tuesday Club To Release New Single 'Always Taking Things Too Far' on 15th June

Literally half the band they started out as, now a 4 piece from the initial 8. From a hugely promising initial organic debut album - See you next Tuesday... they moved to their 2nd official release by way of a quadrilogy of 4 eps. Having played a fantastic promo tour for ep1 my consciousness, the TCs were literally rocked and almost derailed by the tragic death of drummer Terry Super Cockell, the subsequent releases were put out in a daze and not with a little help from dep drummers until the arrival of Current sticks man Blairski. The good ship ship Rocked and tilted violetly following the penultimate ep release lady gargar and subsequent defection of Bass, vocals and guitars but somehow steadied leaving the current 4 piece to regroup and begin work on their ‘comeback’ Art is Magic

And so, The Tuesday Club return to the fold after a 3 year ‘release’ absence - Their last releases being 2015’s EP Quadrilogy. With the line up now half of it’s original eight and a new look, ‘The TCs’ have stripped away much of the old ‘glamour’ replacing it with a new urgency and directness.

Art is Magic is a story swathed in gallows humour of a band brought to the edge by disaster, but who gritted their teeth and came back from the brink with renewed vigour!

“The Tuesday Club are synth punk pop at its catchiest if you’re thinking about Blondie and Roxy Music you’re on the right track... it’s infectious and uplifting” - Vive Le Rock