Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Paul Zone & Donna Destri Sing Sonny & Cher New Double A Single 'It's The Little Things"/'Just You"

Paul Zone is best known as the lead singer of Man2Man (UK #4 single "Male Stripper") as well as fronting New York glam/punk legends The Fast.

Donna Destri is best known for her work with Blondie (UK #1 single "Maria") as well as her work with Ronnie Spector and many more.

Producer Man Parrish, best known for his work with Man2Man, Gloria Gaynor and his own "Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop)" is something of a legend.
His Eurodisco take on "It's The Little Things" continues to build on it.

Producer Richard Citroen, best known for his work with Lola Dutronic ("Everybody Loves You When You're Dead") would very much like to be a legend too!

His booming widescreen take on "Just You" might just make him one...

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