Monday, 21 May 2018

Killing Eve 1x07 I Don't Want to Be Free Review: "Twists and Turns"

We only have 1 episode to go until the finale and Killing Eve is very much a show that has no intention of bowing out quietly. The stakes were once again raised. Another life was lost. Questions were once again answered. We finally got to meet Anna and that ending?! It sets the pace fantastically for what is in store in the finale.

Having been double crossed last week, Villanelle is still rotting in prison, and with a cellmate who attempts to kill her as Villanelle begins to drop off. But Villanelle didn't become the esteemed assasin that she is without always being on her guard, and she is of course ready to strike back at the first sign of danger.

The twist at the end of last weeks episode was interesting, but we all knew that Villanelle would somehow get out of jail. After all, the show is all about her and Eve's fascination with one another, and Eve's determination to bring Villanelle to justice. Can't really happen if she's languishing in a Russian prison. As soon as it was revealed Villanelle would be transported, we knew this would be when whatever daring plan was incoming would happen and the show didn't disappoint in that sense.

We may not know a lot about the organization Villanelle works for, but we do know she's one of, if not the best assassin that they have. So of course they'd be getting her home and dry. What was probably the most poignant thing about this scene though was the fellow prisoner who was being transported along with Villanelle. For most people a prison heist is the opportunity for a daring escape, make your bid for freedom, start your life over etc. But she didn't actually want to be free (and is indeed where the title of the episode comes from).

She would've rather been dead than alive and free in the world, and that wish was soon granted. It is though quite an interesting thought to reflect on. Are some people so inherently bad that they're just destined to end up languishing in some hell pit jail? Do some people who have been in jail for so long become used to the surroundings of those 4 walls, and therefore just can't contemplate the outside world again? is it more about the thrill in the idea of being free than actually being free? All intriguing questions, but of course not what Killing Eve is about.

Villanelle is transported to a place in the middle of Russia, where she meets her new handler. He explains he's taking over from Konstantin and attempts to give Villanelle orders, including to sit down and she doesn't take it at all well. It's blatantly obvious throughout this whole scene that the second Villanelle gets her hand on a gun, she's killing this guy. The fact he didn't at all realize this, and was under the extremely false-impression he was in control of the situation, and the conversation between him and Villanelle was just her usual rapport? Goes to show that people still continually underestimate her.

She's a cold blooded killer who had been left to rot inside a hell pit jail, and is feeling extremely annoyed at the fact she has been betrayed, and by the one person she thought she could count on. So finding out her next job was to actually kill Konstantin? Well it brought about some mixed emotions for her. Konstantin was of course back home, and Villanelle had of course made her way there and was lying in wait in his kids room. He's immediately fearful, for where exactly his wife and daughter are, and also at the fact Villanelle is in his house.

She explained that she had them locked up, and the organization had sent her to kill Konstantin. That's not something he's at all surprised by, since they had thought he'd gone too soft on Villanelle. Over the years he has become less of a handler and more of a father figure to her, putting up with Villanelle's behaviour where others wouldn't, knowing where to draw the line with her, and caring for her. it's the same care that Villanelle has for him, and it's blatantly obvious that she doesn't want to actually kill Konstantin.

Over 7 episodes we've seen Villanelle's ruthless side far more than her emotional side. She keeps herself all bottled together, refusing to really let anyone in because she knows how dangerous it can be when you're a killing machine. But that armor first formed its cracks when Villanelle became obsessed with Eve. She took her mind off the ball, mistakes seeped into her work, and over the dinner scene in episode 5, well the girl was well and truly showing her emotions. It's the exact same emotions she shows during her exchange with Konstantin in this episode, and he uses that to get the smarts on her. Villanelle tries to give him some dignity with death by letting Konstantin take pills, and he decides to stall by telling Villanelle how much he loves her, and of course then bashing her around the head with a log and running for his life.

It's a move that Villanelle finds surprising and rather annoying, that of all things he hits her with a log. Villanelle attempts to give chase, but Konstantin manages to get away on a boat and give her the finger in the process. Whilst Villanelle was busy letting her emotions get in the way with Konstantin, Eve is still on the case of discovering just what's made Villanelle the way she is.

After news reaches them of Nadia's death and with Konstantin refusing to help, Carolyn instructs Eve and Kenny to go back to England. We all know that's not going to happen and with a little wizardry, Kenny is able to find Anna's information and Eve decides to pay her a visit. She very much knows there's more to Villanelle's story than just being a simple assassin, as do we the viewers, and Anna is someone who has been spoken about quite a lot since the show began.

She's the first person that Villanelle ever really loved, which is a massive thing in itself and in this episode most of the gaps are filled. Anna was Villanelle's teacher at school and the first person who was nice to her. The school knew Villanelle came from a troubled background of antisocial behaviour, but Anna was still determined to take a chance on her, and that's something Villanelle very much reciprocated. Anna's husband became tuned into Villanelle's feelings for her, which Anna at first dismissed as silly jealousy, until of course she came home one day to find Villanelle having murdered her husband. Villanelle expected Anna to be happy with this, because she'd gotten rid of the pesky man who was irritating her, and Anna was of course actually devastated. A little time later Anna was informed that Villanelle was dead. Who was the person informing her of this you ask?


Yes, it seems as though the organization was actually impressed with the long list of Villanelle's antisocial behaviour coupled with actually murdering a person, and recruited her from prison, faking her death in the process.

Eve is completely and utterly fascinated by Anna's relationship with Villanelle. It has a lot of the same characteristics Eve's own interactions with Villanelle have. Anna then goes on to show Eve the gift that Villanelle had obviously sent to her. It's a coat that Anna has never worn but kept back in the closet, and from a little bit of snooping, Eve discovers that the coat has a secret layer which is hiding a passport and money. Of course she bags this, leaves Anna with a warning that Villanelle is actually alive and if she tries to make contact, to contact Eve. Then as Anna's showing Eve out the door following a somewhat courteous chat, and warning Eve herself to be careful because she's Villanelle's type, Eve has to ask THAT question, of whether or not they were ever intimate.

Immediately Anna stiffens up, proclaiming she was Villanelle's teacher, it would've been immoral and totally not something that happened. Translated to us viewers, yes she was Villanelle's teacher, yes the relationship was completely wrong, and sleeping together is very much something that totally happened.

So, Eve's got a few more answers on just what exactly makes Villanelle tick, how long she's been involved with Konstantin, the fact that Anna was basically her breaking point that tipped her over the edge, and of course Villanelle's hidden documents. With Konstantin on the run from Villanelle, and Villanelle having taken his daughter whilst locking up his wife, and Anna finally being introduced to the show in person? There's no doubt in my mind Villanelle will probably be paying her a visit next week seeking her documents, and I doubt that visit would hypothetically go well.

But wait! That's NOT all. Nope, in an episode that finally explored Villanelle's backstory with Anna and had Konstantin turn up on her list, there was one more shock in store. Kenny had managed to crack into the prison's security system. From said cracking, Eve was delighted to discover that Villanelle was indeed in the prison. She finally knew where she was. This was her final chance to get her and avenge the death of Bill.

But wait!!!! Inside said prison, Villanelle had received quite the interesting visitor. Who was this visitor you ask?! Carolyn!

Since her Russian connections were unveiled last week, we had kind of been waiting for the other shoe to drop. And drop it very much did with this nice little surprise, so it's safe to say Carolyn might've had something to do with Villanelle getting out of prison.

As questions are answered, more questions are dropped and I'm sure the finale will at least attempt to answer. For now though, we pick our jaws up off the floor, and try to digest all of the information given to us during Eve's visit to Anna, and of course that exchange between Konstantin and Villanelle.