Thursday, 24 May 2018

Frankie Crea New Single 'Ketamine Queen' Out Tomorrow

Frankie Crea is releasing his debut single Ketamine Queen. The song is a catchy yet fresh, upbeat throwback to a time where each instrument in music had its own melody. With sizzling delayed guitar work, epic basslines, hard hitting drums and vocals all thrown in the pan, the outcome is a spiced up modern piece of alternative rock.

Ketamine Queen was produced and mixed by Frankie Crea in his home studio. The song explores the artists frustrations that led him to leaving his former band Park Ward after being their lead guitarist for two years until leaving in March 2018. His band found minor success and received many positive reviews by Triple J Unearthed. During Frankie's time in the band, he played live around Perth Australia alongside many well known local talent in the rock music scene. Yet never forgetting his roots to writing music, he explains the deeper meaning hidden behind Ketamine Queen.

"Everyone has there own personal escape they turn to when times get frustrating. Some might take Ketamine or other drugs, some might pray to queens and higher powers. For me, music is my ketamine queen, to when times got frustrating being in the band and leaving, writing this song made me feel euphoric and cleansed. Writing and playing is my drug of choice and I think a lot of people can relate to having music be a powerful Ketamine like substance to their ears. Thats the what the songs about. Music being an addictive higher power and substance." - Frankie Crea

The song was recorded at Frankie Crea’s home studio, where Frankie also likes crafting his skills with mixing and editing his own music which he keeps him occupied in his spare time. His main objective in life is to always keep writing new material and releasing it.

Frankie Crea is a guitarist, singer/songwriter and musician who dedicates his life to making music. Born in Perth WA, at the young age of just five years old he bought his first electric guitar after being heavily influenced by the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, John Frusciante and Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few.

For Fans Of: British India | Tame Impala | Kings of Leon | The Strokes

‘Ketamine Queen’ will be in Digital Stores on the 25th of May.