Saturday, 19 May 2018

Coronation Street Review

After walking out on Jenny previously, Johnny has spent the night in Liz's sofa. She implored him to try and make things right with a crestfallen Jenny, who confides in Carla. She's more than aware they have both lost children in completely different circumstances, and Carla thinks with a bit of time they can all get through this. Talking is very much not one of Carla's specialties, being more used to bottling things up, so unloading all of your thoughts onto her? Not exactly going to get you far.

Carla does later catch up with her father, and takes him home to get him together. They later attend the fundraiser organized by Summer with Billy's help, but Johnny can't bring himself to stay. Carla is then on the case to find her father, whilst Ali and Michelle share a friendly enough chat. Johnny hasn't wandered off that far though, instead checking into the new sitting area where Eileen is also mulling her thoughts. Neither of them really want to talk with Johnny continuing to be angry with Jenny for how much support she's trying to give.

Johnny does eventually catch up with Carla and Jenny at the pub, but he's still very much closed off. Jenny follows him outside and the two of them do make peace for now.

Steve is back from his most recent holiday and checks in with Michelle to offer his sympathies. Robert does his best to try and hide his discomfort over the exes being so close. Steve also catches up with Eileen, who is informed by Alya she wants her deposit back now she's moved out the flat.

With their friendship back on track and trying to take her mind off of Aidan and the fundraiser, Kate decides to go and get smashed with Sophie. Gemma does decide to join them, and Rana will be joining up with them later, but all Zeedan sees is Sophie and Kate going off to the shop to buy booze. So of course when he and Rana are interviewed by a journalist at the restuarant, he lays things on think and Rana refuses to play along. She storms out, pointing out she is with Kate now and Zeedan once again questions that. He then decides to follow Kate & Sophie to a bar where they're having fun and is caught in the act of recording them by Rana. His excuse is he thought they were making plans for a date which he didn't want to tell Rana about until he had proof. Very much having enough of all this, Rana puts Zeedan straight and tells him she wants a divorce.

It's again extremely hard to have any sympathy for Zeedan. He's known the deal for months, and seriously thinks that a person being comforted by a friend as she grieves her dead brother is signs of an affair, and follows them into town wanting proof of it. The fact Rana has to remind him that Aidan has just died and they're simply trying to take her mind off of it, proves how single-minded Zeedan thinks. I don't think Rana has anything to feel guilty about given Zeedan outed her to her parents, and went along with the contract because he wanted money for his restuarant. She really doesn't owe him anything at all, but she's too much of a good person to know that. Still, telling Zeedan she wants a divorce and calling him out on his behaviour is a positive step forward for her.

Rana though does get bonus points for telling the interviewer she's her own woman who doesn't stand behind any man, and the amount of dirty looks she gave Zeedan during that whole farce.

The time out is unfortunately not all joyful because how can it be. They unfortunately attract the attention of a lad who decides to slide on in once Gemma's left. None of the girl's are in the mood for his antics, and Kate very much tells him where to go. That just spurs him on even more as he claims that Kate just thinks they're better than him, and with Kate getting even more fired up, so does he by declaring he likes a challenge.

Kate is usually extremely fiery by nature, but here she's being powered by drink and of course her feelings over Aidan's death. Never a good combination at all. She does of course get into a mini fight, and Sophie pulls out her rape alarm that makes the guys go away but it's extremely clear that Kate isn't coping at all.

Alya tries to get through to Zeedan. If we thought Yasmeen declaring Rana was gay and with Kate was good, Alya declaring Rana to be a lesbian, her relationship with Kate not a fling or a phase, but the actual real thing? When Alya is completely against the relationship, throwing dirty looks whenever she can and moving out of the flat because she doesn't want to be around them? It's basically gold. Zeedan though still refuses to hear it and instead goes on the defensive proclaiming just because Alya's found someone new to share her bed with, doesn't mean he's going to do the same.

He's then greeted with a much deserved slap that has been a long time coming. To an extent Zeedan has used his marriage break-up to act like a jerk. He made a move on Leanne when she was just trying to be nice to him. He went along with the contract because he wanted the money for his restaurant. When Rana's parents attempted to kidnap her he refused to listen to Kate and ordered Yasmeen to listen to him and protect their family. When Rana was sick he tried to keep her away from Kate. When Rana and Kate fought he seized the opportunity to make a move on her, and literally every nice thing Rana does, he reads into because he wants to. Its been reiterated to him time and time again that her relationship with Kate is for good, his marriage is completely over, but he always dismisses it because it doesn't fit with his narrative. He wants everything to be his way and play his game of pretend, but life just doesn't work that way.

Rana later reveals all to Kate about Zeedan's shenanigans and how she's asked for a divorce and the two are on cloud nine. Unfortunately not on cloud nine is our lovely guy from the bar who has decided to follow them back to the street. He later follows them into an alleyway where they're making out and attacks Kate with Rana attempting to defend her. Tonight was a really good episode for them with lots of cuteness, drunkenness and then just more cuteness. Even if drama is never far away from them, it's still nice to enjoy the little care free moment and just how secure in their relationship they are that Rana can joke about Zeedan thinking Kate was cheating on her.

Hearing Rana's screams Zeedan goes come to the rescue and intervene before things can get any worse, and probably perform his first half decent act in months. The three of them do flee with our dude from the bar very much on the ground and out. Zeedan, Kate and Rana get their stories straight, and whilst looking at Rana and Kate comforting each other, he questions his actions and what he's gotten himself into.

When Rana walks Zeedan out of the flat they're greeted by an ambulance and Steve who informs them douche from the bar's injury is far more severe than they believed. Zeedan's immediately panicking and admitting he wanted to hit out at the guy, but afraid he could wind up going down because of what he's done, and once again lays the blame at Rana's door because he just can't help himself. It's quite fitting in an episode full of Rana finally laying down the law, Alya giving Zeedan home truths and basically everyone else trying to move on with their lives and look forward to a new chapter, Zeedan is still stuck with the same old.