Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Speaking Up"

Tonight Coronation Street aired the 2nd of its special week long episodes, and it's fair to say it was certainly more eventful than last night.

Ryan is now back on the street, though Michelle is continuing to have her doubts over the wedding despite Roberts attempts at reassuring her. Steve is of course still sniffing around like a bit of a bad smell, still very much under the impression Michelle is in the dark.

David with Shona's support went to the police and reported Josh for raping him. The scenes were extremely well acted by Jack Shepherd and had to watch as David was forced to relive his rape. When the storyline was first announced it was noted that they were doing this to raise awareness for male rape, and unfortunately part of that awareness lies in extremely intrusive questions. David struggled to answer some of the police officer's questions which was completely understandable, along with unloading some of the emotions he feels over what happened. Wishing that you could've stopped it happening to you is unfortunately a reaction that many victims of rape have.

He obviously has a lot of 'what if's' on his head that will never be answered. Fortunately though David isn't completely blaming himself for what happened, as he knows he isn't the first victim of Josh's and tells the officer that, even if he can't divulge the name. After so many weeks of his emotions being bottled up, struggling with himself, those around him, and trying to comprehend Josh's assault, it's a truly empowering moment for David as he admits out loud that Josh did in fact rape him and he is prepared to testify that in court.

Just like with Aidan's suicide, I hope this episode serves as support to victims. You are NEVER alone. Speaking up is truly the most difficult thing you can do, but as soon as you do, a massive weight will be lifted off your shoulders. No-one should have to suffer with anything in silence, and there are always organizations available for you to talk.

Josh meanwhile is continuing to drip poison into Alya's ear, with his version of events that he and David slept together. He paints the picture of Shona being jealous of him and David sleeping together, David being in denial of what happened and plays Alya's shock of the revelations off as being politically incorrect. He's truly a repulsive character but played so well by the actor. Despite these 'revelations' Alya still has no interest in restarting her relationship with Josh.

One thing that should be noted though is Alya bringing up Rana, when she comments that she thought David was straight just like she thought Rana was. The intention of this scene is to obviously highlight just how ignorant Alya is to the truth around her, but still comparing Rana's relationship with Kate to Josh's 'dalliance' with David? Not the smartest move by her, and certainly not from the writers who should know better.

The police are soon though knocking on Josh's door and I think we're all cheering as he's arrested.

Sarah managed to finally drag Gary off to the hospital to see his newborn baby, leaving Phelan all alone in the builders yard and that obviously didn't go well. Toyah meanwhile was stunned to discover Johnny in the pub and saying hello to Suzie, his unbeknownst grand-daughter. Toyah's obviously very nervous by this conversation, but unfortunately for her, all her behaviour is doing is causing suspicion. Throughout this whole saga Toyah has been written in a rather unlikeable fashion, and the sooner the baby reveal is made the better.

Having visited Nicola at the hospital Gary is keen to return to the builder's yard but that's obviously not going to happen because Phelan does have to get himself free to reign loose on the street. Little old Jack of course breaks into the builder's yard and he of course frees Phelan.

As Michelle continued to fret over the wedding, Jenny gave her a rather lovely 'something borrowed' gift in the shape of something that belong to Aidan. Michelle is very much continuing to worry that getting married so soon after her cousin's death isn't a good idea. Her trepidation is of course understandable given emotions are still so high, and of course Steve pops up at the Bistro at the right moment to spill all of Robert's 'secrets'. Steve tells Michelle everything he knows and is stunned that Michelle actually knows everything, and is still willing to marry Robert. Again his insert into this storyline feels incredibly forced.

Steve proclaims that he's just feeling guilty and caring about Michelle, but I just don't care. What we do get out of all this though is Michelle bearing her soul and telling Steve she doesn't want to hate him anymore. Of course Robert happens to walk in as Steve attempts to kiss Michelle, whilst proclaiming she deserves so much more. Of course he walks out before Michelle actually pushes Steve off and not to once again bring it up, but THIS is a fine example of showing someone being in shock and then rejecting a kiss. Not that mess David Issac treated us to.

Whilst the pace was still a bit slow since it is only Tuesday and we still have 3 more nights of this weeks special left, it was still far more interesting than last nights events. Josh has finally been outed and carted off (though granted that won't be for long). Phelan will soon be on the loose wreaking an almighty havoc. Steve was still a bit of a dummy but we have to make some type of allowance. David is slowly beginning to move forward with a doting Shona by his side, and we continued to get mentions of Aidan, who would've no doubt been heavily involved in the wedding.