Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Secrets and Lies"

On tonight's Coronation Street Toyah didn't have get herself in a muddle. Whilst trying to sneak off to visit Eve at the hospital, she tells Peter that their surrogate Jackie is back in the country. This of course gets his curiosity going, and he's soon offering to accompany Toyah who seizes on Leanne's arrival to distract him.

It's clear Eva is struggling with being around her newborn daughter. Unfortunately Toyah is a bit blind to that, but the more time they spend together, the harder it is going to be for Eva not to bond with her. Whilst Toyah's at first secretly relieved that Eva declines a photograph with the newborn, that relief would be replaced by fear if she knew that Eva secretly had a photograph taken whilst Toyah was fetching the car. It's very much one thing to agree when your romantic life is a mess to give up your baby. But we've seen as time has gone on that Eva's been having second thoughts, and now the baby is here, that's only going to get worse. Arriving back at the cottage Eve is convinced the nurse was onto their lies, whilst Toyah remains convinced they just need to keep calm. That's unfortunately getting harder.

At the pub, Simon arrives back and with bundles of attitude, and his ears are soon prickled by Leanne's talk of Toyah away visiting her surrogate. Facing more questions over his behaviour, Simon braces himself to tell Peter his suspicions regarding Toyah but they're interrupted by her video-calling in. She again has to stall Peter when he wants to join her. Simon's trying to fight his emotions, very much feeling like the odd gooseberry out with both Peter and Leanne engulfed by baby fever.

Back at the cottage Eva admits it was weird listening into the conversation, and Toyah tells Eva she's not going to forget what she's done for her. Eva is full of cheer claiming she's just Aunti Eva from now on, Toyah thinks that it's all over and they can just move on with their lives now, but again this is a soap, and it's just not going to be this smooth sailing.

Elswhere in the episode Kirk is earning some extra dosh as a dog walker. Yep, following on from Monday's episode he's offering to take Eckles to the dog park again but this time with Ken actually paying him for the service, and David soon joins Ken in taking up Kirk's services. And Sally is setting up another dinner party, this time with her sister, Dev, Geoff and Yasmeen dragged along. Thankfully it goes a bit better than her last one which saw Kate break up with Sophie.

There is obviously still tension between Sally & Yasmeen which isn't made any better when Yasmeen implies Sally's job as Mayor is a hobby. Talk after that turns to Sally attempting to warn Geoff off Yasmeen with talk of her failed relationships, and Yasmeen is soon snipping back with talk of Kevin. Geoff meanwhile just wants everyone to be at peace.

And of course Mary's dinner party is an absolute failure. Jude is still claiming to be a Marine Biologist so to keep the truth from Angie, Mary hires two local actors to pretend to be work colleagues and then over dinner broach the subject of changing jobs and applying for one at the Council. Unfortunately one of the actors gets drunk, the other is extremely skittish, and after Brian shows up with a job application, Angie realizes all isn't right. Put on the spot Jude is forced to conceed the truth, and with that his relationship is in tatters.

Angie is understandably upset with the level of deception she's faced, whilst Jude can only apologize and Mary is just trying to soften the blow. Angie is soon turning to Adam for a sympathetic ear, and it doesn't take a genius to work out where that heads. Adam though decides to pull back since he knows Angie is only angry with Jude and does still love him. A Barlow having common-sense and not just letting lust take over?! Jaw, on the floor!

It does cause Angie to go back to Jude to try and resolve their issues. He wants to put the whole sorry mess behind them and start again, and very much ends up regretting that when Angie admits she kissed Adam. Jude ends up feeling betrayed by Angie's betrayal, when really they're both in the wrong here. Jude more so since their relationship is basically based on a lie, but he's foolishly optioning to take the high ground and neither he nor Angie know where their relationship goes next.

Coronation Street also continued its build-up to Aidan Connor's sad exit tonight. Summer came to the factory looking for some work to be able to afford a dress for a party, and Aidan was forced to explain to her that he couldn't take her on as an employee. It is obviously because she's under-age, Aidan does feel terrible for the predicament, and a lot of tears are going to be shed next week.