Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Searching For Answers"

In tonight's double bill, Michelle had one heck of a dilemma on her shoulders. She still hasn't told Carla that Alya is actually her boss due to Aidan leaving her the factory, and it's not something she's in a hurry to do. Robert however thinks Carla needs to be told sooner rather than later. Johnny is still very much immersed in his grief over Aidan's death. Jenny's a little bit unhappy that the move to Spain is off, but most of her concern lies with her husband. It's extremely difficult to comfort someone when they don't allow themselves to be comforted, and Johnny has very much closed himself off to Jenny.

She suggests maybe Johnny see a Doctor as the medication he's on will probably be affected by the stress he's feeling, but Johnny very much takes this the wrong and states that no amount of pills is gonna drown the pain of his son being dead.

When Johnny takes to drowning his sorrows in the pub, Liz fends off an unwanted admirer and takes Johnny through to the back. He proceeds to unload his grief, his anger towards Jenny and confusion over why exactly Aidan killed himself. It's a really powerful performance from Johnny's portrayer Richard, as he goes into details on finding Aidan dead and being inside the flat and Liz is quick to comfort him as he's overwhelmed by his emotions. Of course when he is back at the flat with Jenny and she once again accidentally says the wrong thing, Johnny absolutely exploded at her.

Jenny wants Johnny to stop drinking himself to do death, and he once again explodes at her by accusing Jenny of making it all about herself. He's basically a mixture of drunk + grief. Lashing out is something that people do quite often, especially when you continue to try and comfort them in the face of it.

Alya and Carla meanwhile continue to be at each others throats, which isn't helping Michelle feel any better. Carla is continuing to bury herself in the factory, Alya has ideas for a new range, and Carla doesn't want to hear a word of it causing them to come to blows. In the aftermath of this Michelle does try to get to the bottom of her cousin's feelings, and is forced to finally reveal what Aidan has done.

Carla takes the news about as well as anyone would. Having the factor in Aidan's hands was something she could live with, but not Alya. It is very much clear that the Connor's do intend to fight Aidan's will, and you can't honestly blame them. Underworld may have been passed through many a hand since it was first created, but of recent years it has been sitting pretty in the Connor's arms, and outside of Carla's kidney, it's the last thing of Aidan they have left.

With Adam telling them they can't fight the will, Jenny launches into defense, ordering Carla to be nice to Alya and the truth to continue to be kept from everyone. Obviously that's not gonna be a great long-term solution. One way or another Alya will eventually find out about this, as will Johnny.

Elsewhere we of course have Zeedan. The restaurant which was put together in a matter of days is going extremely well, and to make up for bailing on him previously Rana offers to do a shift for him. It is mentioned that she's only agreeing since Kate will be with her dad, but all Zeedan sees is Rana offering to do something for him and his eyes light up.

Later at the restaurant Yasmnee does note that Rana has moved more of her stuff out of the Nazir's and into Kate's, but Zeedan is still vehement that means nothing. Yasmeen though persists and thinks Zeedan needs to accept that relationship is over, and they both need to move on with their lives separately. Still not computing this and on the defense, Zeedan calls Yasmeen out for still being married to his grandad despite him leaving so long ago now.

It is extremely difficult to feel for Zeedan. Sure Rana leaving him for Kate broke his heart so to speak, but it has been blatantly obvious from the word go that her relationship with Kate is the real deal, she is where Rana sees her future and Zeedan just doesn't compute that. He's there at the first sign of trouble to manipulate it to his advantage, reads every act of kindness as lingering feelings for him and refuses to listen to those around him pointing out the reality to his delusions.

As Zeedan continues on with his delusions despite her many hints of moving on, Yasmeen is forced to bluntly point out Rana is gay and has a girlfriend. Zeedan's quick to reject all of that by noting Rana hasn't actually said she's gay, but that still doesn't negate the whole moving in with Kate and being happy and in love with Kate. Still Zeedan just won't hear it and again, it's extremely difficult to feel for a person who won't accept a truth just because it doesn't fit their narrative.

Rana also pops into the lawyer's office where Adam and Rosie are, and asks how exactly Sophie is doing since she knows she and Aidan were friends. Rosie catches her up on Monday nights drama, and Rana joins them in the claim that Sophie shouldn't feel guilty over the text because Aidan's mind was already made up. Of course they all know this, and they all know the feelings of anger are just of the moment, and Rana sums it up perfectly with everyone having questions of 'what if' as they try to comprehend what's happened, and none of them are going to get any answers.

Kate later catches up with Sophie and Sophie shows her the message Aidan sent, along with telling Kate what it was they talked about. Kate & Sophie have always worked well as friends and it is good to see the show going back to that, instead of the plot device that was there relationship. They're both clearly still grieving for Aidan in very different ways (Sophie feeling guilty over the text whilst Kate's feeling like she just didn't know her brother), and it's nice to see them be able to put the awkwardness of their romantic relationship behind, and be there for each other as friends.

As they talk, Kate's pretty upset that Aidan shared meaningful conversations with everyone else before dying but she never got a goodbye. Sophie reasons he probably couldn't bring himself to since she was his sister, and it'd hurt the most and they share a lovely moment as they do hug with Kate's grief once again overwhelming her. Seeing this hug is of course Zeedan who is putting 2 and 2 together and making 5867493. I feel like I've been too harsh on the guy already (for which I make no apologies for) but really only he could misinterpret two people crying over a death, and think it in any way hints at possible cheating or relationship strife.

Gail, Audrey and Shona are supporting David on his court appearance, with Imran offering helpful legal advice as always. Gail suggests that they get Josh to speak up on David's behalf since they were friends, and Shona immediately shuts that idea down. David isn't getting out of prison anytime soon obviously, and Shona still wants to try and use some kind of angle on Josh to get David out. Her intentions are obviously of good nature, but David is continuing in his refusal to say a word about the attack.

Going through the garage's files, Shona manages to track down a guy who works at a garage Josh used to be at and attempts to question him. The guy is extremely cagey, confirming that Josh was indeed sacked, but he doesn't really want to say much else except Josh isn't a good guy.

To close off tonight's episode we once again had Jenny attempting to talk to Johnny. Once again he rejected her attempts and Jenny wondered whether this was how he was going to be from now on. Johnny decided to keep up the verbal assault, proclaiming that Jenny never really liked Aidan and she isn't allowed to talk about him because she never loved him and walked out. It remains to be seen whether they can eventually come together or this tears them apart.