Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Runaway Groom"

So far this special week of episodes? Not exactly special. There might be program warnings about violence and strong emotions as Coronation Street has sought to take advantage of the 9pm shift change, but it just hasn't been that interesting so far which is a massive shame.

Given we are now officially halfway through the week tonight's episode had to up the pace.

We began with Robert crestfallen at the belief that Michelle had cheated on him, and at the bistro Michelle and Steve were arguing over the pass he's just made at her. Steve's full of apologies at first claiming the moment just came over him but is soon back to slating Robert and Michelle doesn't want to hear a word of it. Again Steve's rekindled feelings for Michelle have come somewhat out of the blue, as there's been no recent inclination he was still harboring feelings for her. Taking a shot at Robert's so called vanity was also a bit of a low blow and honestly this drama is just completely cliched and redundant.

Sarah was also forced to somewhat confess her killer secret to Gary, very much still annoyed over Phelan being locked up in the builder's yard. He attempted to bargain with young Jack in an attempt to get himself freed. The whole point of Sarah's confession though is not wanting Gary to make the same mistakes she did. Killing Callum and having to live with the fact he was buried in the house sent her over the edge. Gary is a wee bit understandably clouded by his anger for Phelan getting Anna banged up, and basically making their lives a misery from the off.

Unfortunately for Phelan, Sarah and Gary did return to the builders yard in the nick of time to stop him completely cutting Phelan free. Fortunately for Phelan their efforts were worthless.

David meanwhile decided to get rid of oblivious Alya once and for all, and gave Shona permission to tell her the truth about Josh raping him. It very much left Alya in two minds over what exactly to believe, having heard two very different sides of the story. This is probably the only part where I do actually feel some sympathy for Alya. She's very much been put through the ringer and now she's having the bombshell dropped on her that the first man she let into her heart since Luke's death, is actually a rapist who used their relationship for cover.

Our favourite Connor ladies meanwhile are continuing in their preparations for Michelle's wedding, and of course Ryan and Ali are very soon butting heads. Michelle's refusing to let anyone ruin her wedding day, but that's already been done since Robert is licking his wounds at the belief she has cheated on him. It's again all really contrived drama, and in any other circumstance? Walking in on your fiance's ex kissing her would result in a punch up and everyone getting on with their day.

As Britains Got Talent is such a big ratings winner for ITV, shifting Coronation Street from it's 7:30pm & 8:30pm time slots to take advantage of the big ratings does to an extent make sense. The problem though is as good as Coronation Street is? It doesn't really have enough in the vault to make these special weeks work. It hasn't really taken advantage of the late time-slot so far to really push the boundaries of storytelling. We already know in advance that most of Phelan's horrors won't be kicking off until Thursday & Friday, which means we have 3 days of basically filler. The episode's are all hyped around Phelan being the main event so he has to feature in some capacity up to that point, in order to keep the momentum going.

But Michelle and Robert's wedding drama is extremely contrived. It's made Steve look completely and utterly terrible, and Robert hasn't exactly been painted in a sympathetic light either. David finally summoning the courage to go to the police and have Josh arrested is really the most interesting storyline of the week. He's ever so slowly inch by inch making progress and Jack is very much nailing the storyline. BGT weeks can be very much hit and miss for Corrie and granted this week certainly hasn't been as bad as some of the specials in the past. But for all the hype, it really hasn't lived up to expectations so far.

Back to tonight though and Alya is massively in disbelief over what she's heard. Shona continues to stand resolutely in David's corner, but Alya doesn't really want to hear it and again, her position in this is understandable.

Phelan meanwhile bought himself a bit of time with Gary far too focused on all the bad things he wants to do to Phelan, and not picking up on the fact he is stalling because he knows Gary doesn't truly have it in him. Upping the taunting Phelan made some rather derogatory comments about Anna and he does finally do what Phelan wants, which is lash out at him. Being a caring grandfather for two minutes Phelan is very interested to know all about his grandson and Nicola being OK.

Daniel meanwhile caught Robert legging it out of town, deciding to go off and stay with his best friend Zeedan. Again this is a simply misunderstanding that could've quite simply been sorted by a bit of communication, and we know that he is gonna come back and the ceremony go ahead in some form, though whether they actually get married is to be determined. Sarah meanwhile had enough and decided they needed to call the police. Unfortunately that's no longer an option with Phelan very much on the loose now to no-one's surprise.

With the Connor's making their way to the Bistro, it was left to Daniel to break the news to Carla that Robert has runaway and Michelle finally realizes that he overheard her moment of sorts with Steve. Once again deciding against actually calling the police, Sarah and Gary instead locked themselves into the builders yard with Phelan who decided to take them hostage. Phelan's request is quite simple; he wants to see his grandson and tomorrow night will obviously be spent with him actually going on a rampage.