Monday, 28 May 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Jitters"

You know you're in for a tasty episode when we get the good old violent scenes warning.

Continuing on from Friday's episode Ali and Steve still think Michelle doesn't know the truth about Robert, and Steve is still momentarily mooning over his ex wife. Tim meanwhile lays down the law with little miss stalker Faye, insisting that she apologies to Eileen for her behaviour. She doesn't want to because she still doesn't see herself as being in the wrong, but she does and Eileen wants to draw a line under it all.

Peter meanwhile fills Steve in on how Tracey stayed out all night at the stags house (she and Ryan did some hard drinking and she wound up on Daniel's sofa with Flora taking pity on her heart). Tracey does take great enjoyment in winding Steve up, but he's too focused on Michelle and how she's too good for Robert. The fact that Tracey, very much known for her green eye monster, is more offended that Steve is more annoyed at the prospect of Robert cheating on Michelle than Steve gushing over Michelle is quite frankly ridiculous. The three of them have quite a long history, and it never takes much to get Tracey going.

One person who is most definitely in the wrong is Phelan and Gary is very much on his tracks up in Wales. He's still stewing, preparing for a bloody revenge on Phelan whilst on the street his absence doesn't go unnoticed. His friend though abandons ship, claiming that Gary has gone all psycho since his plans for Phelan are going a bit beyond 'scaring'. Unfortunately that doesn't work out too well for gary, since Phelan gets the jump on him, attempts to strangle him and Gary is only saved by his friend coming back and hitting Phelan with a rock.

Gary does eventually bring Phelan back to the street and stick him in the builder's yard which will obviously work well!

At the Platt's David is trying to make amends with Max. Granted yelling at the poor kid was a bit much, but Gail well and truly lays the guilt at his door commenting once again on how weird he's been and the kids walking on eggshells. Obviously the whole point of this is to continue building up the tension ahead of David finally admitting what Josh has done, but similar to Josh & Shona's interactions it feels very rinse/repeat. It's a similar situation with Shona and David's interactions with Alya. Neither of them is obviously going to tell her just what their problem with Josh is, which is completely fine, but having Alya look like she's trapped in headlights has very much gotten old fast. David does though lay down the law with Emma, explaining that he and Shona are back together and therefore she needs to move out because he's not about the sister wives life.

As Emma cries in devastation David is knocked for six as Dec, the guy who Shona has previously attempted to speak to, pays him a visit and admits they both have someone in common; Josh.

Dec and David sit down for a heart to heart, where Dec reveals how exactly he's been coping with being raped by Josh. The answer is of course not very well and David can sympathize with how exactly Dec is feeling, as he tells David he just wants it over. Dec just wants to forever what Josh did, and their conversation is obviously witnessed by Josh. David tries to offer Dec some support but he understandably isn't interested and David agrees to get Shona to back off. Dec's words do though give David the courage to finally go to the police, but it's a race to go to them before Josh leaves.

Whilst the Connor girls sans Kate are getting Michelle all ready for the wedding, Kate stops by with Johnny and he reveals he understandably won't be attending the wedding. I meanwhile continue to gush over every single interaction Kate has with her fellow Connors because really, it does feel as though her screen time the last few months has just been swallowed up. Michelle very much understands Johnny's absence and they agree to toast in Aidan's honour. Obviously since this is a soap and things do have to move at a fast pace, the Connor's can't be shown to be spending every waking minute of the day grieving for Aidan. Whilst the plots may have to move forward, it is important for Coronation Street to still mention Aidan. He would obviously still want the wedding to go ahead, but his absence will most definitely be felt, and I'm sure people around the world who've lost someone to suicide will he able to sympathize.

Gail soon pops in on the girl's and unintentionally lets slip that Ryan is missing. This very much alarms Michelle who is starting to see it all as signs that she shouldn't be getting married. Ryan is of course tracked down at the house of a girl he has slept with, and they're rather angrily confronted by her angry husband and unfortunately Robert is the one who gets punched.

Our first 'action packed' nights of sorts ends with Sarah discovering that Gary has indeed got Phelan locked up. It very much feels like the appetizer to what is hoped to be an extremely eventful week, but Coronation Street needs to very much hope airing 5 nights this week, that tomorrow's events picks up the pace.