Thursday, 31 May 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Facing The Truth"

First things first in all of my criticism over last nights episode, I totally missed Rana's blink and you'll miss it (which I certainly did) appearance. Girl is looking great.

Now on with tonight's episode. It's very much fair to say this week hasn't at all lived up to the hype which has been extremely disappointed, but we are now so to speak on the home front. Phelan is loose. Chaos is abound. Granted it's still not completely interesting and dare I say this may surprisingly be the most boring week Coronation Street has producer in a long time, but finally, things are hotting up.

At this point some including myself have been so fed up with how slow the week is, we're actively rooting for Phelan. So an episode opening on him threatening to kill Gary and Sarah? That's a really good starter. Sarah was indeed forced to call Nicola, only she hadn't actually called Nicola she called Kevin. Not being the brightest toy in the box, he simply puts the phone call down to Sarah being confused instead of life being in grave danger.

Phelan though hasn't got where he's got without being a smart cookie. He realizes Sarah hasn't actually called Nicola and is soon back to threatening her and Gary's lives. With Nicola and Zac not coming to him, Phelan decides to go to them. The fact he's just strolling through the streets with no-one around? I'm gonna excuse because at least things are actually interesting. He's soon knocking on Eileen's door and being greeted by Nicola.

Eileen and Nicola can only stand back as Phelan waltz's into the house to see his grandson. He may be a serial killer and whatnot, but still in his warped mind, he's got a heart of gold. His family completely abandoned him and he hates them just as much as they hate him, but he loves his grandson and he's to an extent the apple of his world. Nicola though warns Phelan that he'll have to kill her if he wants to get anywhere near Zac and really, at this point, she shouldn't be daring her father to kill her. Continuing with his warped head, Phelan actually gets annoyed that Nicola refusing to cuddle her crying son. Nicola though has more balls than half of the street. She refuses to back down even with a gun pointed at her and Phelan's philosophical ramblings.

Michelle meanwhile is beside herself at Robert leaving. It takes an extra minute for to realize that Robert did actually witness Steve attempting to kiss her, and orders him to go and get Robert back. Quite amusing to see Steve looking so sheepish now at Michelle revealing all in the middle of the street, given he wasn't really caring about who heard when he was airing his concerns over Michelle's relationship before.

But what we do get out of this? MORE OF KATE AND RANA. Seriously, angry Kate yelling at Steve for throwing a spanner in the works by kissing Michelle and Rana and Jenny looking on so stunned is something I never knew I needed. But it does make Steve realize he's going to need reinforcements to bring Robert back and enlists help. Honestly if they'd dropped Rosie's drug plot and replace that with showing us the Connor ladies getting ready for the wedding and them all taking it in turns to give Steve an ear bashing for his actions, I would've appreciated it. And I also have to shout out to Carla being so furious with Steve for messing up the day and ordering him around. Never change Carla! And I'm also gonna note once again that this is still the absolute longest wedding and day in soap history.

The big plan to get Robert to come back? Hijacking the local radio station and issuing a plea to Robert. Full credit to the radio presenter for acknowledging the fact he would probably be fired for this, but at least it's a different way to win a person back. Like forget cards, flowers and serenading, let's just take over a radio!

Carla and Michelle are the OTP that should actually be, but if we can't have them then at least we can have Carla offering moral support with Michelle full of doubts. Kate makes her 2nd appearance of the night judging Michelle for using a radio to win Robert back, but hey! The day is saved because he is actually back.

Having missed out on last night's events, we're back with Josh tonight who was questioned by police and refused to give comment on David's allegations. David's later informed by the police Josh has been released without charge. Extremely unfortunate but a realistic consequence of events. It does though prompt David to finally reveal all to Gail and Audrey.

It is a bit of a shame we didn't actually get a scene of David spilling his soul to his mother and grandmother, and instead just get the aftermath of that but all actors involved still do a marvelous job. Gail's understandably upset that she didn't realize just why her son was suffering in silence, but David doesn't want her guilt and is instead just glad for himself that he has finally told them the truth.

And the biggest shock of the night? ANNA. IS. BACK. YEP! ANNA WINDASS IS HERE! Regardless of whether you like her or not, her appearance in the episode was a welcome surprise. Rescuing Gary and Sarah not so much but I'll forgive her.

As Michelle and Robert make up, the wedding is back on, Gary and Sarah are rescued, the tension is still quite high at Eileen's and a struggle breaks out. A gun shot of course rings out and tomorrow we shall find out just who exactly was shot, how exactly Phelan will meet his maker and if the wedding actually happens.