Monday, 21 May 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Breaking Points"

Poor Eileen. She's already having to live with the guilt of Phelan's murder spree, and now she's having to make do with prank calls at all hours of the day. Seb attempts to reassure her it'll all be fine, but this is Soap land, and us viewers are more than aware of what's in store for her. She later comes home to find a removal van outside and is flabbergasted to discover they've been informed they're packing up the house. She very much puts them straight on that and Alya is soon sticking her oar in and reminding Eileen she owes her deposit money.

The removal company has though got Eileen, Seb and Nicola very scared. They don't think Phelan would be dumb enough to come back to the street after what he did, and consider it could just be someone with a grudge against him. Still though, Seb is soon on the home improvement case and getting the house more secure. As Eileen carries on trying to get on with her day, she is of course being watched.

Later on Eileen is locked into the cab office and receives another nuisance call. This time though the person does eventually speak and Eileen is horrified to be greeted by Phelan.

Steve soon has the police on the case with Eileen understandably shook up. They go back to the house and come to the conclusion it is just someone playing an extremely messed up game. They're obviously wrong. Eileen jumps to the conclusion Alya is responsible for the stalking and again, she's obviously wrong. It is though a realistic conclusion for Eileen to jump to, given how much Alya does hate her. Alya though is insistent she only wants her money back, and Eileen points out Alya is always there to rub it in when something goes wrong for her. Yasmeen jumps to Alya's defense and provides her with an alibi, but Eileen is still insistent it could've only been her and basically looks like a crazy woman.

Meanwhile Detective Rana is very much on the case. Phil has survived being hit by Zeedan but is in a bad way in hospital. Both she and Kate broach the subject of just owning up to what happened, but they both know it's too late for that. With Zeedan's hand still very much bruised and unable to go to a Doctor about it for fear of raising suspicions, Rana decides to check in on Phil at the hospital. I'm also gonna take a moment to point out how cute it is to see Rana and Kate momentarily on the sofa next to each other. They have very much settled into domestic life and as we won't get to see a lot of it cause that's just not what soaps are like, I'm going to eat up these little moments between the drama.

Steve is soon receiving a visit from the police regarding the incident that took place. Rana does manage to find out that Phil is going to be ok, but that doesn't stop them worrying about the police paying them a call next. Another little stray observation I have to make here, is it's slightly humorous to see Zeedan and Kate waiting outside the medical centre for Rana, and the three of them being amicable.

Zeedan meanwhile takes a moment for reflection. He doesn't recognize himself anymore and clearly what he did to Phil is weighing down on him, as he informs Alya of Rana's wishes for a divorce.

Later at the flat our amicable trio are trying to get their stories straight for the police, with Zeedan continuing to freak out. Kate then gets a call from Sophie informing her the police have been in touch and she's given over their information. Kate and Rana are still determined to protect Zeedan for protecting them, but Zeedan's more than aware his actions were out of order and doesn't want them lying as it'd get them in further trouble. But lying is the only option they have, and since they are the world's worst liars, it's time to go over their story a thousand times to try and sound remotely convincing.

They completely and utterly fail at that, because they are the worst liars in the world. They do admit to the police they knew Phil as he was at the bar they were in, but play dumb on knowing anything about his attack or who attacked him. Granted soap police officers are notoriously dumb, but this pc plod would really have to be the dumbest in the history of soap officers if he actually believed a word they said. It is though quite cute seeing them try.

At the restuarant, Imran arrives to tell them all about the rave review Zeedan's restaurant has got but Zeedan really doesn't care. Kate and Rana soon arrive to fill Zeedan in on the police's visit, and it's extremely clear that Zeedan is gravely worried for his future. With his mind very much made up he stuns everyone by revealing he's packing the restaurant in and leaving.

Josh also continues to very much test Shona's patience. She always looks one moment away from decking him, which Josh is enjoying and continuing to flaunt his relationship with an oblivious Alya.

Shona later pays David another jail visit where she catches him up on domestic life. Shona then admits she went to the gym Josh trains at, which doesn't fill David with any joy whatsoever.

The build-up to Michelle and Robert's upcoming wedding also continues, with Michelle informing Ali that Ryan will be coming to the wedding. For those unfamiliar, Ali and Ryan were swapped at birth, Ryan grew up with Michelle, Ali grew up with someone else, eventually Michelle found out the truth and world's collided before peace was once again made with both boys going their separate ways. Obviously bearing this in mind Ryan returning for the wedding is incredibly awkward. Unfortunately Michelle is completely oblivious to that.

Later though Robert collapses in agony, due to overdoing it a wee bit in his fitness. He is thankfully taken to hospital where it's revealed he's suffered a heart attack. Robert and Michelle are stunned by this but it's really not surprising. Given his recent steroid abuse and the amount of exercising he is still doing, it's bound to have effects on his body.

Michelle is completely and utterly furious with Robert for pushing himself to the limit, and especially for doing so just so he could look good. She doesn't want to lose another person she loves, and for what she deems to be a stupid reason. It's then time to bring up old wounds as Michelle points out he does have an extremely addictive personality, and basically replaces one addiction with another, with no thought for consequences. Michelle gives Robert a warning that she's not going to carry on like this. Of course this is all perfect pre-wedding soap angst, but it's hard to argue Michelle doesn't have a point. She has given Robert a ton of chances and each time, he has let her down and no matter how much you love a person? Eventually you do reach breaking point.

The episode ends with Eileen receiving another prank call and who is it? FAYE! It shouldn't really be a shock considering she is Anna's daughter, and is someone with more than just cause to hate Eileen. But still the soap has played this well with yet another red herring, as we build up to Phelan's actual reappearance.