Friday, 4 May 2018

Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, LSD aka Sia, Labrinth & Diplo, Troye Sivan & Tove Styrke Are Our Picks For New Music Friday

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the look-out for music be it for the playlist, or just because we think the tracks are pretty neat. And on New Music Friday, we're bringing you a select choice of the freshest tracks released this week.

This is the strangest, funniest, yet moving video I've watched this week. Like I honestly didn't think anything could be better than the Kate/Rana crack video on Youtube and yet here we are. The video contains a bit of new footage from Deadpool 2, but let's be real we're all here for the worlds colliding. Celine Dion on the Deadpool soundtrack?! It's not exactly a combination that rolls off the tongue. Celine Dion is as fabulous as she always is. Considering she's been making music longer than I've been alive, it's quite incredible to say she's never made a bad song. 'Ashes' is to an extent the stereotypical heartfelt ballad that movies just eat up, but Celine's vocals + the Deadpool influence make it unique. The interpretative dance is all well and good, but part of the reason why Deadpool works so well is because it's no afraid to poke fun at literally anything. You've got a lovely heartfelt video here, with Celine doing her thing, and they end the video by having him congratulate her & say they've gotta do the video again cause she's too good, a Titanic reference and Celine telling him to beat it. Nowhere else would this work and be as wonderful as it is.

You may recall me saying once or twice I really don't like rap features in songs. If I wanted to listen to rap, I'd listen to rap music, they completely ruin the song etc. I do still completely stand by all of that criticism, but sometimes it just works. This is Christina Aguilera's first single in 6 years. It's her big comeback of sorts, and I completely dig it. The rap doesn't exactly flow with the tone of the song, but it also doesn't feel completely out of place. Video I don't care much for, but the song has some lovely beats, going through different genres of music and the lyrics aren't terrible by any means. If you want more details on her upcoming album, CONTROLRadioUK has you covered, with all the info (plus this song again because we REALLY love it) right here.

I wasn't at all sure how this supergroup LSD would work. Sia, Diplo & Labrinth are all amazing Artists in their own rights, but coming together? Sometimes it just doesn't work. Thankfully 'Genius' very much does. Sia does what she does best, Labrinth does what he does best, and Diplo does what he does best. The song doesn't try to over complicate itself, nor does the video. Which brings me to another point, I really hope animated music videos become the next big thing. I'm such an animation geek it's unbelievable & appreciate the level of work that goes into these videos. Much better than the vertical video/stand in front of a blank background trend. Obviously a first impression is only a first impression and from here it could all go downhill, but for now I shall enjoy the ride that LSD bring us.

Another lyric video with a twist here, as we get a bit of 3D animation. Following in the steps of 'My, My, My' and 'Good Side', 'Bloom' is another certified bop from Troye Sivan. The music is top notch, and the lyrics are quite interesting. There's still no word on his second album which will be the follow up to 2015's 'Blue Neighbourhood' (he has released several EP's but I'm not counting that here) but judging from what he's released so far, it won't disappoint.

What better way to finish New Music Friday?! Tove Styrke has just released an album of the same name, which you can stream and buy. 'Sway' is a beautiful song. I love the instrumental intermission as the song reaches its climax, the lyrics are quite good, and the song just sounds wonderful. Which is all you can ever want right?

What have been your favourite releases this week? Let us know in the comments!