Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Bastille Release New Single 'Quarter Past Midnight'


The song has now been released. It is every bit as epic as you are thinking and we'll have our full thoughts on it come Friday, but for now you can listen below.


They have rather cryptically been teasing fans on Twitter, and today it was announced Bastille do indeed have a new single on the way. Fans on social media will have seen they did a rather peculiar countdown on 2nd May, which ended with a final image of 00:15. Some sleuthing led fans to discovering a track by the name of 'Quater Past Midnight' had indeed been registered.

However it wasn't until today that Bastille confirmed the news. The track is indeed called 'Quarter Past Midnight' and even better, we don't have long to wait for it since it's coming out on Wednesday. Their last album 'Bad World' was released in 2016, but they have been extremely busy on the single front and I have no doubt 'Quarter Past Midnight' will be spectacular. We will of course update this post when the song is officially released, and it goes without saying that it will probably be featured in this weeks New Music Friday.