Monday, 21 May 2018

Bares Release New Single 'Montage'

Front run by singer-songwriter Ella Sterland, Electronic/Pop group Bares had released their self-titled debut EP at the end of 2017, and are now releasing their new late-night throbbing song Montage.

Montage is a broken-hearted dance track that communicates within the tender last moments of being with someone you love, or had loved. The driving electric guitar paired with the syncopated sub bass create anticipation for the inevitable release of emotion that comes with the choir in the chorus. Lyrics that would usually be accompanied by ballad-like instrumentation, are instead blended with a traditional house beat and a hollow, warm synthetic organ.

“Sometimes the drowned-out thud of your heart-beat echoing through your bones is the only reminder you have that you’re still alive when you feel like everything else is crashing down.” - Bares

The song was written by Ella Sterland, and produced by Renee Stein, who also produced the songs IDK and Not Like Other Girls on the self-titled EP Bares.

Bares are an indie-pop, electronic, all-female band lead by songwriter Ella Sterland. The title Bares is a word that captures authenticity and vulnerability, while also alluding to the fierce beast of the forest. This is because though it may feel intimidating and weak to express your emotions, there is strength in being honest about yourself. Transparency is necessary in writing music and there is strength in showing vulnerability, and their music endeavours to be honest and exciting, and capture an array of emotions that accompany the human experience. Bares care about connecting with people in all walks of life, and communicating a message of strength and honesty, often presenting this message with sick bass lines.

Bares songs are often multi-layered with the surface level being a bouncy light-hearted pop-banger, however the lyric content gives a deeper insight into the heart behind the glittery track. Lyrically their songs describe the confusion and harsh reality of relationships that don’t work out, and its playful presentation alludes to the tendency to push down the hurt and enjoy the party. The songs intend to give validation to emotions that can often leave us feeling lonely and excluded, when in reality, confusion about another person’s feelings for you, feeling abandoned by someone you trusted, trying to figure out how to move on, are all common experiences that many can relate to.

Bares released their debut single Over the Ocean onto iTunes and Spotify in late October, which is also featured on their debut EP which was released in November of 2017. Though the various songs explore different sonic tones, the connection in lyrical content is what brings coherence to Bares’ music. Ella Sterland is influenced by bands like Lorde, Maggie Rogers, and Vera Blue, and other female indie-electronic artists.

For Fans Of: Lorde | Hiatus Kaiyote | Vera Blue

'Montage’ by BARES is available now in digital stores.