Thursday, 10 May 2018

Anna Sweeney Releases 'Jealous'

The new Haim? Anna Sweeney releases ‘Jealous’.

Anna Sweeney from Ayrshire has just released ‘Jealous’ and it is the latest single to be released from her highly anticipated Album ‘Game Face’.

With a Taylor Swift, Haim and 1975 vibe, it is very clear to see why this single is becoming very popular in the U.K with producers and content curators making sure this is in their playlists.

Scotland have given the world several amazing female musicians, we have had Lulu, Sherleen Spiteriand now we have Anna Sweeney and this album is sure to cement her
name in the Scottish hall of fame.

‘Jealous’ and ‘Game Face’ album can be found on Spotify, Itunes and Apple Music.

Visit Anna Sweeney’s official website for more information.