Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Ali Jacko Releases New Single Think It Over

British Bangladeshi, Ali Jacko (Jacko) is a five times World Kickboxing Champion and since hanging his gloves up, has taken to making music.

This year he’s releasing 11 singles in 11 months! This is single number 4 for him.

Born in London’s East End, Ali Jacko’s illustrious Kickboxing career began with a chance encounter with the legendary Muhammad Ali, after this it was a done deal. Ali Jacko set out to be the kind of athlete that would inspire and enamour people just as Muhammad Ali had done for him.

Ali Jacko’s character in the ring makes the genre of his songs even more interesting. ‘I never lost a fight’ he says, ‘Once I fought with 22 stitches in my hand and came out on top’. Ali Jacko has now applied his can-do attitude and steely determination to his music career, with his promise to release a new track each month of 2018, and with their beautiful lyrics and Americana country rock vibes, they are set to be a real hit.

Ali is accompanied by a four-piece band, and his deep and expressive vocals rightfully take centre stage. The track starts simply with Ali and the band playing in an understated manner, he then builds up to what is a high energy chorus, the drum beat is taken up a gear and Ali unleashes his real vocal power.

He’s already released a handful of singles - one of his previous videos features supermodel Jodie Kidd.

Having conquered the world of fighting, he is now ready to turn his head to music, and ‘kick’ his competition out of the way….