Saturday, 14 April 2018

The Kat O Army New Single 'I Don't Wanna Fight' Is Out Now

Kat O (ex- Kathematics, Kill TV) formed The Kat O Army in June 2017, releasing the single Victim of Truth (Minorities Unite) independently and launching the song with a successful Victorian tour, followed by NSW shows. Kat O wears her f**ked up heart on her sleeve in a punk Courtney Barnett kinda way. Her passionate songs connect to the hearts of everyone who has been let down by friendships, relationships and even the government.

The new single I Don’t Wanna Fight was recorded at Toyland in Melbourne and produced and engineered by Adam Calaitzis. Kat played guitar and bass on the track. The song was written in 10 minutes as an ode to 2017, one of the most unbelievably argumentative years ever for Kat. Basically, she didn’t want to fight anymore. Raw and honest, the catchy pop/punk track is sung in Kat’s unmistakable Aussie accent.

Kat put up a video on Facebook of her performing the song unplugged in her music room which garnered an amazing response, including someone in her network wanting to cover the song. The track was recorded, immediately resulting in airplay on community radio in Melbourne and Adelaide. The song was also put on Melomania radio’s playlist, alongside Pink, giving the track airplay in 40 countries around the world.

Kat O has been the singer/songwriter/guitarist of numerous Melbourne bands. She has toured New York City and Budapest and played countless shows in Australia. Kat's musical highlights include getting her song You Suck featured in the U.S TV show 'Huge', receiving a psychic reading from Suzi Quatro while interviewing her and supporting Sleater Kinney on their first tour of Australia. Kat is also a promoter and runs local events under the banner of Kat O Shows, many of them benefit gigs for animal rescues, animals being one of her passions.

For Fans Of: Paramore | Courtney Barnett | Blondie

‘I Don't Wanna Fight’ is available now in digital stores.